Not That Old ~

I didn’t just fall off the broccoli truck yesterday. I DO know the difference between a worm and a snake, an ongoing conversation between kiddo and I this summer.

So, I was moving my outdoor trashcan out of a puddle of water and, lo and behold, there were about five worms and a snake! NO JOKE! They did NOT look alike and they sure didn’t ACT alike. That little two inch bugger was ready, as only snakes are. I moved, he moved. I stopped, he stopped. NO shovel handy and no camera for a picture. He got away. Then, there was movement in the grass and, good grief, out crawled the BIGGEST, UGLIEST, HAIRIEST spider I have EVER seen! Yuck! NOPE, did not wait around to see where that thing went! Nanny had a Super Ninja moment, for sure!

Just another day of life on the eastern shore.

“Not all those who wander are lost.” J R R Tolkien


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