She’s Such a Joker ~

Got to hand it to my best friend, she was quite the joker. You know those people you dare to do anything because they will, no matter what? Yea, she was one of those. The more outrageous the dare, the funnier it would be.

You see, everything could be funny, most especially when the element of surprise was attached. How? By doing something completely off the wall! I don’t know what made her brain come up with the inspirations it did for humor but it worked real good! She could always weave the unexpected into her little plots and succeed in a most humorous fashion. Her assignment in a Psychology class on human behavior and reactions led to one of the funniest incidents I have ever been witness to. Where DID these ideas come from?

The assignment was to be in a public place and she was to do some type of unusual behavior and gauge spectator looks and reactions. Well, the funny thing is that, although I knew what would be going on (I wasn’t going to miss this one for the world), her boyfriend was not privy to the plan. This could get really good!

The day and time arrived for her experiment. I was in my place, hidden in plain sight. My friend was walking along the boardwalk with her boyfriend, idle walkers out and about, the occasional cyclist rolling by. Nice, quiet and peaceful. Quick as a flash, she dropped to one knee, and with her hands over her heart, she looked up at her boyfriend and belted out, “You are so beautiful, to me.” Oh my goodness, there goes the straight face! I rolled with laughter. Poor fella, he had not only surprise showing on his face but pure terror in his eyes! What is the world is wrong with my girlfriend? People stopped their walk to listen, their surprise at this unexpected turn of events evident. While she continued to sing, the crowd began to clap for her, telling him he had a gem of a woman for her to sing to him like that in public. Me, in my little hidey-hole, was completely weak and limp from laughing so much at everyone! You can imagine his surprise when he found out that this was all for a Psychology assignment! And here he was thinking she really meant it! And she did.

We made our notes, wrote the paper and she received her grade – A. Of course, that paper had to be shared with the class because everyone that knew her knew she was going to have a good surprise. She’s such a joker!

“Not all those who wander are lost.” J R R Tolkien


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