Nanny Gets to Travel ~

T minus 11 days and counting.

With everyone scattered all around the country, it seems like we travel east to west and back again without taking the time to smell the roses. Actually, it’s past time.  A rush flight here or rush flight there just isn’t getting it anymore. Besides, they say you get old when you don’t play. That’s finally changing.

Last year, I purchased my second Airstream, to see the world. I didn’t realize at the time that I would love it enough to eventually call it home. I live in it fulltime and absolutely love the minimal lifestyle it requires. But, alas, Gypsy needs a little TLC and she must stay home this time. So I thank the airline for frequent flyer miles and discounted trips!

Such beauty!

Such beauty!

Get there then relax! Well, that’s a good plan anyway. There’s just going to be too much to do. Winslow is going to be so much fun, Pikes Peak is going to offer an incredible view, along with an altitude headache, Mesa Verde will be a timeless moment in history. Let’s not forget Route 66! But Navajo Nation is the goal.

A wonderful native friend told me to not rush anything, just sit back and let the essence of what is there settle inside. Being of Lenape’ descent myself, I know  he’s right. This trip could get way off-kilter if I pushed too hard each day instead of going with the flow, and flow it will when you spend your nights under the stars.

I already miss the kiddos even though I haven’t left yet but it’s now time to answer the tug of what’s been pulling me in that direction my whole life. I’ve been west, but it just wasn’t quite west enough.

My spirit is already there – just have to drag me out there now.

“Not all those who wander are lost.” J R R Tolkien


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