Daily Prompt: Too Soon?

I have finally caught my breath from laughing so hard. Why? The Daily Prompt question, which brings another round of laughter! But, in regards to the question asked, here is my most humble opinion on the matter.

– Can anything be funny?

Oh, most definitely. You know how you’re walking beside your best friend and she trips up, landing on a nameless body part with a squeal followed by a sailor’s vocabulary? You KNOW you’re dying laughing at the same time you’re trying to speak ‘Are – you – all – right?’ And you laugh and laugh and laugh some more, and she wants to get you bad, and then she starts laughing, too? Yea, everything can be funny!

– Are some things off limits?

Well (with my head hanging in shame but telling the truth as I see it), YES, it should be. Take above referenced incident. Did the friend really need to laugh at her buddy? In the great universe, no, probably not. Could even be inappropriate behavior according to how some of us were raised. Bad, bad girl!

– Conclusion

The moral of the story is said fallen friend is going to be slightly, if not highly ticked at laughing friend. She smacks her friend on the toe while she’s down there, let laughing friend help her up, then they’ll look at each other and laugh and laugh and laugh and continue happily along as best friends.

Daily Prompt: Too Soon?.


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