There Will Always Be A Way ~

What do you get when you have one truck, one trailer, two atv’s, two Southern boys, and one poor Southern Belle? Besides a problem, or maybe a potential problem, it’s a ‘call all your friends up’ night and have a ‘down on the farm’ party! So they did exactly that, but not without a slight issue or two beforehand.

You see, around here we live in the world of duct tape and super glue. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If it is broke, pass the grey tape or make it quick before you glue your fingers permanently together. But some things aren’t broken, they just need to have a creative mind to figure it out, to really think outside the box and get the job done. Some of this creativity can be scary if not downright funny!

Listen to me, fellas!

Listen to me, fellas!

I received an ’emergency’ phone call from kiddo. “Mom, can I borrow the four-wheeler and trailer? We’re going riding tonight!” Obviously, as any mom will attest, his definition of emergency and mine differ greatly. But at his age, it was an emergency and needed immediate attention. ‘Sure,” I said, while the heart beat inside my ears. Darn kids! Pretty soon, he shows up with the big truck and there’s already an atv on the bed. And it didn’t fit. Not good. To hook the trailer up with the second atv, the first one had to be on the truckbed so the tailgate would close. It just weren’t happening! Until the Southern Belle became involved.

Chick kiddo took matters into her own hands and set the boys straight. “This is what has to happen, so this is what we’re going to do.” Way to go, Chicky! She put them in position and jumped onboard to set things right. In other words, the atv was going to be on the truckbed, the tailgate was going to close, the trailer would hook properly and they’d be on their happy way, another job well done! The funny this is it worked! The kiddos listened and followed her orders!

Of course, without question, Miss Chicky saved the day. I just don’t know how those fellas would have made it without their Southern Belle along on that ride. Bus alas, all good tales must come to an end. Kiddos never did get to go riding that night. After all that hard work, one of the atv’s broke down. Rotten luck!


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