The Blob…oops…The Blog! ~

I’ve been writing stories, or blogging for about a month now. In a short period of time, I have gone from zero knowledge on anything to do with a blog to becoming familiar enough with the process to be comfortable and scared. That does not, however, change the fact that I still don’t know what I’m doing and I still like doing what I don’t know.

The Daily Prompt is one of my favorite posts. Although I don’t have a problem coming up with a story at the spur of a moment, it’s still interesting to see where my mind goes when it is gently swayed with an idea from someone else’s thought and then make it come alive. (Take the Freaky Friday post challenge. That’s going to be fun)!

One post asked what did my blog say about me? Well, I can tell you that my thoughts and ideas at the beginning has changed a little as time has passed. I’ve realized that I have more than family stories to tell – there is a whole lifetime of them and a tremendous amount doesn’t involve family but still need to be told. I guess that makes the ‘About’ somewhat untruthful if I’m going to leave that writing in place. So maybe a change is in order to get myself and the blog on the same page again.

Another idea I’ve seen is how to attract people to stop by your blog. Honestly? I didn’t care. I just wanted to write stories and it didn’t matter if anybody read them or not. Until I got my first ‘like.’ And my first comment. And I realized there’s a whole world out there and anybody, anywhere, could read my story! Some say photos do the trick. I like photos. Occasionally, they will attract me to a blog that I might have otherwise skipped over. But I’m not into pics much unless it’s the southwestern desert of the United States or the Four Corners states and involves an Airstream camper. That will get me every time and it also says something about me and some of those non-family stories.

Another one is tags. The more tags you use, the most specific your tagging process is, the more readers have a chance of finding your one blog in a million, the proverbial needle in the haystack. That one took a while but when I finally realized how easy it was to find exactly the things I was interested in by using tags correctly, it meant the possibility of being found within the haystack.

We’ve determined I don’t use many photos and they also are not necessary to attract me to another blog, and I love using tags as I can find what I like that way and hopefully, someone will find me. So how do I think the best attraction is for a blog? In other words, what does attract me to stop and read? The first sentence. Always. That jump right in the ballgame sentence. Not the title, not the picture, not the music or, in some cases, not even the tags. Just the first sentence. Jump straight in with both feet and keeping on getting it. We live in a world where everything has to be the best, look the best, perform the best and be right all the time that we tend to overlook something as important  and as simple as the first sentence. No pomp and circumstance, just plain old…plain. And I like it!

As I make my way around the dashboard, checking out the site stats, there’s about five likes and a handful of comments. The amount of views are amazing but nobody says anything. Not on Facebook or Google+ or WordPress. That’s okay; I never started this as a self-esteem project but only for my enjoyment and the hopes to achieving a personal goal. Deep inside, however, as with every blogger, there is the hope that someone takes the time to read your words, feel your thoughts, and bring a ray of sunshine to a harried soul.


2 thoughts on “The Blob…oops…The Blog! ~

  1. I know how you feel. When Jon and I set out to create our blog, we were cooling our heels after a long road trip, during which family members were constantly needing to be kept in the loop. We decided a blog would be an easy way to keep them informed on our current whereabouts, and give us something to look back on later. I also felt that little jump when we got our first viewers (even if they were probably just our moms) and the first few likes were quite exciting. While blogging isn’t about the visibility for us, it does feel good to know there’s a community of like-minded folks out there who occasionally enjoy reading about our adventures. I feel like it makes the world a little smaller when we can all reach out to one another so easily 🙂

    ~Leigh from Our Sunny Days

    • Thank you, Leigh! I really enjoy reading your blog. It’s one I’m looking for actually. I do try to read everything I’ve subscribed to each day because I am truly interested in people. I never expected anyone to read the stories, much less comment or like so that was a little bit heady so I truly understand how you feel. Looking forward to more of your stories!


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