Baby Girl


Some days it seems that no matter which way you turn or what thought you think, nothing goes right. We all know that’s not true but it can seem that way occasionally. Today is one of those days and it started a few days ago. I broke a tooth, I’ve had no sleep the past three nights, I’ve been stood up by the realtor, I  have a killer headache that can’t be killed, and I’ve tiptoed around the tulips so as not to trample the rose garden. (Yes, I know. But that’s how it is). It all hurts, and it’s all affected me negatively. Through it all though, there is a bright spot and one I wish to share. Her name is Baby Girl.

If there was ever a gift that came straight from heaven, she would be that gift. Of course, as a mom I figured kiddo would be the only one. But alas, that is not necessarily true. You see, we have kiddos so they can give us grandkiddos! Honest! On the day she was born, when I saw her for the first time, I looked kiddo in the eye and thought to myself that he’d been trumped! By his daughter! Two months later, it’s still true.

Babies are babies. We coo and ahh over them because…well, I don’t really know that answer, and they’re just plain cute and snuggly and warm. Such is the way it was with her until her eyes began to follow the sound of your voice as she tried to focus or the twinkle in her eyes (and yours) when she does focus and looks you straight in the eye. Now that’s cool. And she hasn’t stopped. All I have to do is say something and her eyes are looking directly at me before I finish speaking. Then her eyes twinkle. And she smiles. Nanny just melts in a puddle. Like I said, kiddo has been trumped. When she laughs her sweet laugh, the whole world is right for that mere second of time.

I am not a computer savvy person much anymore and choose to remain that way; however, imagine my surprise when I discovered the movie making software on my laptop! You would have thought it was the second gift from heaven. I’d been wanting to play around with this for a while so I did exactly that. Wasted a whole lot of time just so I could make a movie that caused me uncontrollable laughter as I was making it, more of the same every time I saw it, and still making me laugh now just thinking about it. See, Baby Girl’s nickname is Chevelle and I’ve thought about Kathy Mattea’s song “455 Rocket” since she’s been born. Because of Chevelle. Don’t ask! Imagine my surprise when I uploaded the highly prized work of art to Facebook so as to share with family when Facebook has “I am a criminal” splashed all over my home page! They were going to put me under the jail! So what happens? I laugh…..and kept on laughing. I uploaded, Facebook dropped it, then it was reinstated, then dropped again…and so forth and so on, each time sending me a notice ON MY SCREEN that I was a criminal! I understand it all now and thank goodness nobody has shown up at the door to take me away. Thank goodness for the email break this weekend; when I checked it tonight, Facebook had yet again sent me another message about putting me under the jail! And still I laugh!

You see, Baby Girl almost helped Nanny go to jail. I can’t wait to tell her all about that story!


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