Beauty I’d Always Missed With These Eyes Before

The Daily Prompt asks us to take the third line of the last song we heard, use it at the title of our post, and write for 15 minutes. Show them speed! How appropriate those words are when taken out of context from “Nights in White Satin” by the Moody Blues. Let me be truthful right from the start – I didn’t actually ‘hear’ the song through my ears, I woke up this morning with it running around in my mind. So, same thing.

Speed entails quickness, being fast on the lfy, zooming from here to there using whatever mode of transportation to accomplish any given task. We fly through each moment in life just to get to the next one, and do it all over again.

But the words of the song tell a different story. What is missed…because of speed. Zooming through life to carry on when we should slow down and see what’s been missed along the way. Taking time to reflect. Who’s to say the world wouldn’t be a better place if we slowed down as a whole instead of speeding up?

Life becomes a blur when you travel too fast; things tend to become unfocused and unimportant has become priority. By slowing down, we might see all the things our eyes had missed before, the things we didn’t notice, or else pushed to the side.

In our fast-paced world, speed is important but think of the beauty we’d missed along the way.

Daily Prompt – I Can’t Drive 55

12 thoughts on “Beauty I’d Always Missed With These Eyes Before

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