Miss Priss vs Politically Correct

We live in a world of extremes – extreme left, extreme right, extreme up or extreme down. Nothing seems to be totally 100% right or wrong because we just don’t know anymore. The fine art of discussing a matter to resolve an issue or learn new information seems to be lost somewhere in political correctness.

But, there is a way around it.

Just talk to a kid.

Kids become molded and shaped by the world at an early age, no matter how hard we try to put it off. But some kids are just stubborn enough to fight it in order to maintain their own identities. Maybe this isn’t so good for the parents that are trying to fit them in to the politically correct world but it refreshing to talk with a young child who can be open and honest to a fault.


honest to a fault

My oldest grandgirl, Miss Priss, is four years old. I have learned never to be surprised when what she is thinking is spoken, most especially when addressing me. Let’s just say……she’s very honest. Brutally honest. She’ll tell you exactly what she thinks without a second thought of what she’s saying. All she’s doing is telling the truth the way she see’s it and is communicating with you. How you take it is up to you.

A few days ago, she told me she saw a photo of kiddo and I, and I was ‘pitty.’ I’m thinking she meant ‘pretty’ but, it could have been she felt sorry for me somewhat, also. She didn’t, I realize that now. Of course, she had to get the pic and show me – it was taken 7 years ago, a graduation cookout for kiddo and someone had snapped us together. A lot younger and very happy, plus we were having a great time at that moment.

So, and this is probably where I should have stopped the conversation but I’m a glutton for punishment when it comes to her, I asked her if she still thought she still thought I was ‘pitty.’ Ha! I should have seen this one coming! “Oh”, she said, “You just look old!”

What? She looked at me, I looked at her and just started laughing. What else was there to do? She was honest! Of course, her mom was completely mortified that her oldest daughter and said that to Nanny and wanted her to apologize! It just got funnier. No apologies are ever needed from this little lady when it comes to her honestly. In this politically correct world, it is so refreshing to know there is true honestly somewhere in the grand scheme of things.

In the time Miss Priss and I have been together, she and I have had many conversations and we spend a lot of time together. She’s still a little girl, one the world has not changed yet, and I truly hope that she will forever be able to maintain her ability for true honesty.

It’s so much more refreshing.


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