There’s just something about September. It’s time to give pause to the fun things of summer. It’s time to reflect on the coming change of weather and view. Most importantly, though, it’s time to get the winter clothes out of storage and look forward to the COLD weather!

Yea, this chick loves winter. Love the cold, the winter clothes, warm heat, tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Not necessarily in that order but all of it, nonetheless. September means bring out the hoodies, throw some more wood on the campfire and fill your cup with hot spiced cider, full of cloves and cinnamon. If you close your eyes and smell, you’re already  there.

With the onset of Labor Day, and then the wonderful passing of it (all the tourists go back HOME), the beach on the Eastern Shore is once again home to the locals. They can roam their world without stepping around anyone who’s set up camp for a day or a week, those who cram it in quickly without really knowing what they’ve missed. September is wonderful – once again, the beach is ours.


eastern shore

September is also a month for harvest. Tobacco leaves turn brown, ready to be cut, dried and sent to market. We following these slow moving trucks loaded with tobacco and know it’s just a way of life. Cotton is ready. Harvesters are in the field, pulling the pods of white fluff, pack it in great bales that sit in the fields until it’s hauled away. A beautiful sight, watching life in action. Soybeans are almost ready. Combines and trucks are inspected before the big harvest.  Soybean fields are nothing short of flowing waves of golden grain, timeless, beautiful and sometimes surreal.



September also brings around blaze orange. It’s time to hunt, a time to restock the food supply. For some, this is only a sport, a trophy of a kill but for most of us, it’s food that supplements our bodies until next September rolls around. Blaze orange is pretty much a requirement even when it’s not – for your own safety from the trophy hunters. Taking a walk? Wear the vest. Even though hunting has become so fast-paced compared to 30 years ago, it’s still a way of life for old-timers. I’m an old-timer.

September brings around to the forefront the reality of hurricanes. It seems the change in weather stirs up Mother Nature somewhat and she might intend to visit the Eastern Shore in a big way, or scare the daylights out of us. No worries, we’re used to that – we are not, however, used to the massive destruction that comes out way when one slides right over the top of us. Hurricane Irene is a reality that we don’t wish to repeat. For any one or any place.


hurricane surfer

Best of all is knowing the colors will be changing. The world will go from dark green to an explosion of bold, bright colors. Subtle changes at first, hardly noticeable, but there, until one day you ‘see’ and realize the world has changed. You know it’s time for the blaze orange vest, and the hoodie, and campfires at night, and tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches. You know the world is becoming new all over again. Mother Earth is shedding her skin.

September is hope.

Where there is hope, there is life.


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