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Gypsy Belle, the Airstream, is one of the most important things in my life. Why? She is home, in all sense of what home encompasses. She is tiny – about 168 sq feet total – which is ideal, if you are up for the challenge of living small, being a minimalist, and being able to live without the ‘stuff’ you cannot fit inside her. She is useful, designed so every square inch has a purpose, leaving nothing to be desired. It is up to you how you wish to fill those inches, with stuff you think you can’t live without or things that have multi-purpose use. It takes a lot of want and willpower to be able to live in such a tiny space and be willing to give up a certain piece of life as you used to know it. No, it’s not for some, especially those who couldn’t imagine life without a dishwasher, or a full-sized tub, or a large hot-water heater or a walk-in closet that’s as big as your entire living area. But for those it is for, those without the attachment of ‘things’ to make them happy and to be able to live a fulfilling life with all those things, this might be right up your alley.


Living Room/Fold Out Bed

As most of you know who read The Laughing Nanny’s blog, I’m pretty new at all of this. I’ve had two Airstreams but I have lived in this one for about six months. The one thing that means a lot to me is living small, a really cool way to live says a really close friend. Actually, the words were ‘cool digs.’ So I tend to follow blogs where people live tiny, whether in a very small house, a house on wheel, or a camper (with my true love being the Airstream!).  One of my favorite blogs is Melanie, who blogs at Love Library, A Little Lovely Life One big difference between our love of living in our Airstreams is she shares her’s with her hubby. I know that might be a little tough with two people but she doesn’t complain; I share mine with only my sweet little chocolate Chihuahua dog Hershey. Needless to say, when I read her blog, I can’t help but feel just a little more motivated than I am to ‘fix things up’, even though most of it would be done by myself. And I have NO clue what I would be doing besides making a bigger mess to have perfection as the final project. Well, that part is a little bit of highly wishful thinking but we never get anywhere if we don’t try! So perfection isn’t really the goal, only doing it and feeling good about the accomplishment.


My Little Kitchen

Which brings me to some immediate things that need to be taken care of, especially with winter coming on in the not too distant future. You see, I would like to remodel Gypsy. Lots of things I’d like to do but Rome wasn’t built in a day – plus, I have been researching like crazy on HOW to do some things and read and reread to make sure I have it somewhat clear. But more immediate and pressing than that is fixing the leak that has become a major leak. I didn’t realize just how major until I squished through water by the door the other morning when I went to open it to let Hershey out. The water just squished up between my toes. Where did THAT come from? How did that happen so fast? It was a tiny leak, way in the back. I thought the camper was leaning, and it was. I just didn’t realize how much until that day. Suffice it to say the carpet has to go and the wood underneath will have to be replace. That’s not a problem because I really wanted it gone, just not because of this reason. But first, the leak must be found and repaired. My job, unless I accept the help that’s been offered. Which I will since I know absolutely nothing about plumbing.


Bathroom, Closets and Bedroom

So, Gypsy’s remodel is going to be starting a little sooner than I planned. I’ve decided instead of just ‘fixing’ the leak, we’ll just redo all the plumbing in the camper, including newer and more efficient fixtures. While in the process of ripping out to get to what needs fixing, I will be reinvesting somewhat with more useful ideas on how to incorporate certain things, i.e. table, chair or bench seating, futon or pullout sofa, twin bed or double bed AND if there is any way possible to get a TUB in the bathroom, even if I should lose a little other space along the way. A way to enhance the efficiency of what’s here even more, if that’s possible. Melanie had a great setup in her kitchen that would work beautifully for me since I am hooked up to both electric and gas, but I still would like both options available to me since I do live in an area where wicked weather is a frequent occurrence, electricity goes out for days and my gas stove/heater would cover my family, if is should come to that. Well, if Gypsy should survive that storm.

Kiddo helped today by settling some things that were off kilter back to a more simpler way for me to begin this project. I know I will need help and advice and somebody who won’t rip me off because I’m a woman (yea, they’re out there so I’ve learned to read between the lines and walk away from the bull) but things are looking up and promising and I see that, even if I run into problems, there is always somebody out there who knows just what to do. I’m really good at picking someone’s brain if the need should arise and most are more than willing to give you that knowledge.

So Melanie, thank you for sharing your good stuff. It has given me ideas and, more importantly, the gumption to get started on this MY way, even though I keep hearing ‘NO” you can’t do this. That may be but you can best believe it won’t be because I didn’t give it my best shot!

The moral of the story is “Those that say you can’t do it should not interrupt those that are.”

Once again, thanks Melanie. You, your hubby and your life in your Airstream have given me some awesome motivation!

Thank You!



My Home – That I LOVE!


8 thoughts on “Gypsy ~ The Airstream

  1. That’s awesome! We have a little 1967 Scotty for camping. I have often thought about downsizing and living more efficiently. The only thing that stops me is holidays. I worry about not having enough space for everyone since I always cook the meals.

    • I can see where holidays would be a drawback but, if you lived in a warmer climate, an outdoor situation would be nice. But snow? That would be a predicament! Unless…..maybe it could be held at another home? I must say, it is a grand life if you are truly wanting and willing to do it. šŸ™‚

  2. We too had an Airstream to spend our winters in down south. It was an ’83 Excella named ROSIE. Airstreams are cool but are notorious for leaks because of a design flaw; every one has to have their rotten floors replaced, no small or inexpensive job! We had to replace the entire rear bedroom floor and later found a leak on the dinette side. That, with the constant exterior surface maintenance, were just too much. We enjoyed 4 winters in her but she was beginning to be a money pit so we sold her. We actually downsized to a 17 ft Casita that we now tow so we can travel more. Good luck with your Gypsy!

  3. Hazel, thank you for your information! I didn’t realize any of this but I’ll sure check on it now. I love an Airstream but there’s nothing I can’t live in another more efficient brand. I’ve never heard of Casita but I sure will be checking it out. Thank YOU for sharing with me! I’m glad the Casita is working out for you and there is more traveling! What’s living without traveling? šŸ™‚

  4. You’re welcome. There are Airstream forums that discuss water problems and such. You have to love them a lot to put up with some of their shortcomings…kind of like some people! LOL

    Just be aware that before you spend money on a renovation or decoration, have it inspected for water damage and rot to see if it’s worth the investment. We were sad to see ROSIE go but haven’t had a moment’s trouble with our Casita.

    It IS small though! šŸ˜‰ We lived it in for 5 months last winter and travelled from the east coast all th way down to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas and then out to New Mexico and Arizona. Easy to tow, set up, and pack up. There’s a blog called Sue and her 2 little dogs live in a Casita full time. Check it out.

    I’ll be reading your blog! ;-D

    • Thank you, Hazel. I am so appreciative of your taking the time to give me some much needed information. I just checked out the blog you referred and I loved it! Again, thanks so much for all your kindness and words of wisdom. That is one of the BEST ways to get information! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thank you for sharing all that information about Rosie. Those are things I were not aware of concerning Airstreams. Although I love Gypsy dearly, I don’t want to spent a lot of money and time in repairs when I truly ready to hit the trail and enjoy life without having to worry about anything out of the ordinary break down. Again, I appreciate your sharing this experience with me. This is exactly the type of things I need to know, especially since I will be doing this all on my own. Thanks so much!

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