A Beautiful Day


A Beautiful Day
Photo Courtesy of Bing

As Saturday has passed us over and Sunday is mere minutes into a new day, I must reflect on how perfect the previous day was for our little world on the Eastern Shore.

September, way out here on the Eastern Shore, is hot. Ninety degrees and above may not sound so hot but with the extreme humidity there is this way, it is almost unbearable. It can take your breath away, make you feel as if you are trying to breathe under the water, and it seems to take a little more effect to draw a breath without feeling as if you’re filling your lungs with fluid. This is the norm, the usual for each year that rolls around. When the wind blows from any southerly direction, the humidity is a fact of life. And it’s almost always a fact of life, more so when there’s any type of tropical weather pattern or hurricane blowing close by.

I live in my camper and some nights, the humidity is so bad, I can’t sleep because it feels as if I am breathing in syrup. There’s no way to catch a deep, fortifying breathe to sustain your body long enough to get oxygen into your bloodstream. Those nights, whether I really want to or not, the air-conditioning must come on, simply to relieve the humidity so I can breathe.

I live in my camper with my doggie, Hershey the Chihuahua. He’s fine, all well and good, bundled under the covers at my feet like everything is grand. I guess for him, it really is. But for me? I can’t breathe and therefore, I can’t sleep. So, I break bad and turn on the blasted a/c. That never makes me too happy because I feel like a wimp!

Yesterday, however, was a different story. I’m always the early bird, awake and doing whatever long before the sky begins to gray with the beginning of dawn. Hershey, first things first, goes outside for his morning constitutional. When I opened the door to let him out, it was freezing! Well, if you can consider 68′ freezing, and it certainly was after all we’d been through recently. However, the air was much dryer, the humidity was much lower. The condensation was not dripping from the awning that’s on the front of the camper which, to me, was a good sign of maybe good things yet to come for the day.

So, off went the a/c, the door was open, all the windows soon followed suit and the morning air wafted through the camper with cool abandon. More importantly, humidity is very high in the mornings and there was hardly none to speak of, or at least not to any extent that we were used to. Cool mornings with humidity are unbearable; cool morning without humidity makes you want to jump for joy! It was going to be a good day!

In and out, up and down, be-bopping around in the cool, humidless morning was a blessing NOT in disguise. It was pure heaven on a beautiful Saturday.

As the day progressed, I knew it would get much warmer and the humidity would start up again…but that was not the case. Temps only reached the low 80’s and the humidity didn’t increase and therefore, did not bring in a thunderstorm. It was a day of open windows and door and no a/c, all day long. Beautiful! The sun all shining in it’s bright yellow glory and the sky as blue as the awful color of the UNC Tarheels (Duke fan!). What a day!

All day it was like this, sunshine, warm air, no moisture to speak of and friends and family all around sharing this beautiful gift together. Mind you, this is not normal for us this time of year; our whole summer has been out of the ordinary and yesterday was another one of those days but we took it anyway, gratefully! When you can work and not drip sweat, it makes things so much more enjoyable. I know there are dry climates around the country but I’ve never been lucky enough to experience them yet, although it is on the list of things to do.

But Saturday? Those days don’t happen much during our summer and we all were very appreciative of Mother Nature allowing us such a wonderful day to enjoy because we all sure did need it. It seemed like every person I came in contact with was all smiles and full of happiness. I don’t know how much of it had to do with our incredible weather day but I like to think that it was just enough to make us appreciate some of the most simple things in life, like a good weather day.

As I sit here now and describe yesterday, there is still no a/c, the windows are all open, the wonderful night sounds of nature are gently making noises that are so peaceful and my eyes are lapping shut. But I had to share just how wonderful and special this one day was to us here on the Eastern Shore.

Fall will be here soon and the storms will come, but Saturday was a much needed day of rejuvenation and it seems all the ones I came in contact with felt the same as what I felt.

Mother Nature – she was truly at her finest yesterday and we were all grateful.

I hope you were as lucky as we were.


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