“Stranger In This Town”

Have you ever heard a song where you could just ‘feel’ the lyrics? The emotion of the music? The transport from reality into the vision of the song? Sure you do, it’s the very essence of music, what it does to you, your psyche, your heart, even your very soul. It can speak to you in ways only you will understand. Sure, these artists are nice on the eyes and great musicians but when you take the ‘view’ out of the song and nothing is left but the words and music, it’s quite a different world.

I was, and still am, a diehard Bon Jovi fan. They were/are talented, cuties, their music and voices go well together and their videos could make this teenager (at 50!) blush. And I’d really love to hear them live sometime while I can still enjoy them. My taste in music is broad, very broad – I can go from Native American Flute to Pachabel and Vivaldi to George Straight to Led Zeppelin (yay Jimmy Page) and Def Leppard And Van Halen, Tupac and The Notorious BIG, the gansta music, to Allison Krauss to my all time favorite sleeping music of Metallica’s S & M (no joke! Love Metallica). Lets not forget “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons. Listening to it now as I write this but…..don’t ask because I have NO clue!

Until a friend introduced me to the solo Richie Sambora. I was hooked. Completely. It’s the music, all the different sounds being put together to tell a single story. No need to watch the video – I just close my eyes and feel the music washing over me like some sweet love whispering only to me, a world of only myself and the music.

“Stranger In This Town” has always been the one that took me to that far away place where only the music and I exist. Why? I haven’t a clue other than there’s something within the sound, something within those words, that reach a part of me that’s not easy to reach. The lyrics say so many things, some that can be felt directly by your own circumstance or by proxy, feeling the heaviness of what another might feel. The very words of the song Stranger In This Town , whether a single sentence or several together, can hit a spot that might be in each of us. Maybe not all of us, but it does hit some of those spots for me, at times. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be such a thing as the music industry.

I don’t generally pay attention to who the artists are, I just listen to the music to see what sort of feeling, if any, I get. Mr. Sambora doesn’t have a song I’ve heard that hasn’t touched that inner spot in some way. I cannot even fathom why and, at my age, it doesn’t really matter. What does is that it feels good. Good enough that I’ve purchased this cd three times since 1997 because I wore each of them out beyond repair. An investment that was well worth it.

Isn’t that what music is supposed to do?


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