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You’ve seen this saying many times over the years. It’s a good one, making you think about your friends, all the good ones in your life, bringing a smile or laughter or any sort of whatever goodness or mischief that particular person provides. You all have those, just like you have all those crazy ones you live vicariously through because they’ll try anything. or those you enjoy being with because their personality puts you right at ease. There are many who fill the laughter/humor/antics/hey ya’ll, check this out moments with much appeal and guffawing laughter. Those friends are keepers!

When I saw this again, it came at me with a different perspective – how was I viewed by my own friends? Have I ever truly been that type of person to someone during my time here on earth? Mind you, I’ve been here for half a century so yea, I’d like to think so. But DO I? HAVE I? AM I?`

That’s a cause for introspection. I don’t know if that’s a word but that’s what comes to mind when I think of self inspecting self. I would hazard a guess that the first thing to do is ask your own self the questions.

Can my friend count on me?

Can I change my friend’s life (for the better) by being a part of it?

Can I make my friend feel good, smile and laugh?

Can I truly show my friend there are good people in the world?

Can I stand by my friend when I think he/she feels all alone in the world?

Will my friend’s life be better simply because I am part of it?

I ask myself these questions and right now, as I see it, I fail miserably. No matter what the reasons may be for it, I certainly don’t feel like much of a true friend to anyone. Maybe something good from the past lingered because those good friends are still around, howbeit, sporadically through no fault of their own. But it does post a question for the future – will I ever get back to being this type of friend again?

Do you have friend like this? More importantly, are you this type of friend?

The good news is, even if we’re not quite there, we can always improve.

Things can only get better!


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