It’s All Good

And it really is!

After the last few posts of getting some things out of the system, things seem to be on a more straight and narrow track. It sure beats scattered on and off the path, running here and there, trying to pull all the bits and pieces together and failing miserably.

Yesterday, I had a nice conversation with a health professional. It seems my whole body is out of wack and must be reined in so as to take care of the immediate list, the can wait until a little later list and the go with the flow list. Two things popped up on the immediate list and I didn’t see the serious extent of those coming at me. Sometimes, I guess it really does ‘pay’ to have an outside person ‘see’ the problems and, more importantly, what could and possibly will happen if not addressed in a very timely manner.

She told me, “We are starting from this moment forward. We know what we have and we are going to work on fixing it. Don’t look back.” Wise words, and a breath of fresh air after feeling jerked around so much.

With the butt in the canoe and the oars in the water, it’s time to get going. It’s time to laugh again, time to play again, and definitely time to love again. Actually, it should always be time for those things. Always.

Not one of us is guaranteed another minute of life so let’s make each moment count, even if you have to sleep through it! Just do it the best way YOU can and give it the best you have to give. ALWAYS be good to yourself because there’s only one you. You know you better than anyone so do what’s best for you.

From this moment forward.

What a way to live!


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