A Perfect Day

A beautiful day, I might add.

Cool, crisp air, gentle breeze, sun rising low in the sky. Chilly inside. A hot cup of coffee will take care of that.

A perfect day.

Made just for exploring and pictures.

Things are changing, the seasons are changing. The best time of year.

All the critters seem to be super-busy right now on the Eastern Shore. The songs sung by the birds are different; they fly lower and closer than they have been. Things are walking more at night; that may be because the leaves are dropping and the steps can be heard now. Spiders are running rampant, not only inside but outside as well. Big garden spiders are taking a significant amount of time spinning their webs to bring prey in at night, only to pack up and move the next day. But they come back each night to hang out again.

The two garden spiders that have taken up residence outside my Gypsy door are monsters, yet they are beautiful. I stepped outside a few days ago and, when I looked towards the setting sun, this little jewel was focused solely on the task at hand – spinning the perfect web. Not being a huge spider fan, I couldn’t help but become engrossed, watching this little fella hard at work. Interesting enough, he snubbed me and didn’t even acknowledge my presence. Fair enough, especially since I hadn’t run screaming like a banshee in the opposite direction. A silently acknowledge truce. So I watched.

one with nature round and round, up and down

one with nature
round and round, up and down

I don’t know how he started the web, or if there were connecting points. What I did see was a big, silk circle and he kept going round and round – up and around, down and around, making the circle smaller with each evolution. Focused on his task at him. I was focused on him doing his task at hand.

He kept this up until I couldn’t see him anymore in the fading light. Wonder what he’ll do now?

He stayed.

He was there the next morning, web complete, relaxed with all eight legs stretched out in his bundle of silk. But I had his attention this. Off he scooted, finding some hidey-hole in some out-of-the-way spot in Gypsy. Outside, of course. But his web remained.

He came back that evening, stretching out in the comfort of his home. And he kept coming back. For a few days and nights now. This morning? He’s still here. I know where he hides and that’s okay. I want him to come back. He’s pretty, and his home is in a spot where I can immediately see the beauty of the natural world just by turning my head.

I don’t know how long he’ll be here, sharing the living space with me, but this is the first time I have ever become attached to a spider! I also know I was lucky – I had a chance to see him start his web, something I don’t see every day.


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