Gypsy On the Move!

It’s time.

Actually, it’s past time.

But the decision has been made.

Gypsy is on the move!

It’s been nice being in such close proximity of kiddo and grandkiddos but it’s time to get this show on the road, test the waters and see how the nomadic camping lifestyle is going to be.

Oh, she’s not moving too far away at first. Just down the road somewhat but in a place with different people, new faces and experiences, getting reacquainted with social skills so as to recapture the enjoyment of life.

It took a lot to come to this decision – a lot of tears since family is an identity. But even if there’s so much love, there still has to be life.

Maybe I should rephrase a little – Gypsy, or her soon to be sister, will be on the move.

time to exit the comfort zoneYou see, when Gypsy came into the picture, there were big plans for her, including the tiny living arrangement. But she also wanted to be revamped, updated and to show her own kind of style. That hasn’t happened yet but it’s in the works. The best idea is get out and get her done. To do that, she needs a sister to help carry the load, especially the living arrangement part. So, the search is on for just the right Little Gypsy to fill the shoes, or at least try to.

Whether Gypsy stays in the same location or moves down the road, the plans for her remain the same. Little Gypsy will be smaller, more compact but with the same amenities available now, and she will be tow ready, as in pack up and leave within a day.

There’s too many places out there to visit, too many people out there to meet, too many good conversations with like-minded (or not so like-minded) folks to be had – and it’s exciting just to think about the possibilities.

She’s starting small, whichever Gypsy it will be, to learn the ropes of nomadic existence.

But she’s ready to start.

She’s way past ready to start.

It’s the beginning of a new adventure for the girls.


10 thoughts on “Gypsy On the Move!

  1. Gypsy, looks like I have to move, too. Before I’m ready, which I don’t like so much. Just got here but the rules are imbalanced and unfair. Always wanted an Airstream, or more ideally, a Gypsy Vardo but my semi-nomadic existence will be a Honda CR-V for the time being. Latchmo Drom to you in all your travels.

    • It does seem that things don’t always goes as planned but I like your positive attitude. I can say don’t give up on your dreams because some things work out in the most unexpected ways. Good luck on your endeavors and I hope to read about them soon. Latchmo Drom for you also. (I cheated….I had to look that up!) πŸ™‚

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