When Worlds Collide

She looked on in horror as one child cried from disappointment and another child screamed in hunger – all while the female adult ranted and raved.

A cursing rage because something didn’t go right.

Always someone else’s fault.

At a child’s expense.

She knew it was only for show, would change if adult male should not be around for a while. That time came and so did the change.

She saw it all, she knew them both, and knew their worlds were colliding.

Adult male was raised where kindness, caring, compassion were a way of life, something done without even thinking about it.

Adult female was raised where it was every man for herself, regardless of consequences.

“It’s my mother’s fault she’s so irresponsible. I want to put the kids in daycare so they’ll be in one place and I won’t have to bother anybody anymore. I want to quit my job because I’m tired. If anybody has anything to say about it, we’ll just leave.” And get back on food stamps, and WIC and Medicaid and whatever other resources are available to a perfectly educated, able-bodied adult that doesn’t want to do anything other than sit around and complain how unfair life is, how hard it is, with no regards to any free help that’s offered or the fact that those offering help are now middle-aged and have worked almost all of their lives, thereby paying a good bit of their dues to family, friends and society.

But no, it’s not seen that way.

I want this. I want that. I want, I want, I want. With no sacrifice or work.

There’s a big difference between wants and needs and adult female is a far cry from figuring that out. She doesn’t see that she has to pay her dues also, just like everyone else. Life doesn’t generally come with the proverbial silver platter and most never see it.

What she saw today however, scared her. She thought about those little kids in that unhappy house and the adult male who was out of state working so hard to provide for his family, and thought about adult female acting out, wanting to quit her job just because she got mad at her mother for not sending the bottles home.

She is confused somewhat, unsure what to do while adult male is away but knowing she’ll do anything to help those kids. She made her choice last week and has stuck by it. This battle is not her’s to fight and she has no intention of doing so.

That does not mean she doesn’t think about what’s going on inside of that house.

She wonders if these two worlds will ever walk the path together.


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