Ever wonder what starts a life of freedom and adventure? What triggers it? A thought? A feeling? A person? A thing?

Maybe a combination of all and/or a little push in the right direction.

Either way, it started almost 20 years ago, on a little Dirt Road at the Eastern Shore. There was life out there, so much that hadn’t been done, and time was slipping away by the minute.

Through all of this change that was taking place, it was time for another vehicle. It wasn’t a want but a need. Not being one to purchase a different vehicle often, it had to meet certain conditions in order to even be considered. So off we went, hunting for the perfect adventure-mobile.

It was easy, being not so hard to please, so there were several on the list. All the information was written down and then it was off to do some investigating! What are the advantages of this one versus that one? Is the price difference worth it? What about the mileage because it’ll be around for a while? And on and on.

Next day, and it was literally the next day, the little green Toyota extended-cab truck with the Leer campershell on the back came home. About as basic as they come with no power steering but a/c and a 5-speed transmission. Yes! Pure heaven.

Her name was Bessie and she loved adventures, the first one being the move to the South Forty. She loved the mountains, she loved going places, finding all these spots way off the beaten path. Not a tourist but truly a traveler. With no power steering, she handled those blacktop mountain curves like a dream, never out of control no matter how hard she was pushed. Up the mountains, down the mountains, and would drive 500 miles in either direction at the drop of a hat.

Bessie was incredible. A most excellent choice.

She was born in 1995 and given to kiddo in 2006. She’s a work truck now, driven to and from work every day.

20131018_092433I don’t get to drive her much because she’s so busy but did so this past week. Poor thing, she’s been rode hard and put up wet, with over 270,000 miles under her belt and life with a teenage kiddo who thought she was a 4-wheel drive. Still no power steering but when I sat behind that wheel, pushed that clutch in and started off in first, I realized how much I had really enjoyed having Bessie and all the great memories that we had because she was part of our lives.

Bessie may be just a vehicle, a thing, but she still has heart and soul.

And class. Lots and lots of class.


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