A Brand New 365 Days


Happy New Year!

Out with the old and in with the new, right?

There’s nothing like starting a brand new day, especially when it’s a brand new year, with something you love to do. Hiking, for instance.

Hiking, especially alone (or in this case, with the doggie) gives a sense of freedom, a sense of oneness with nature and the God of creation. It’s a time to clear the mind of clutter and enjoy the goodness of being out in the fresh air and sunshine, being thankful to have all of this right outside the door.

1467269_1422232821344350_1257457211_nfdddThe trail is completely covered in dead leaves that crackle with each step, hiding only knows what underneath (snake?). Really, it’s not cold enough here for those creatures to have hibernated fully yet. But that does not take the fun out of a good hike. Traveling on down the trail, deeper into the forest, the woods get darker from the canopy of pine trees. It’s beautiful and eerie since the day has turned cloudy. A bird is perched on a tree limb, looking at the enthusiastic hiker that is disturbing his peace in his territory. He gets disgusted and soon flies off into the unknown, leaving the hiker and the doggie in their own little world.

Stopping for a water break, the hiker sits on the ground and surveys the surroundings. A smile comes upon his face as he thinks how glad he is that there is so much nature still around to be enjoyed, thankful that there are places that haven’t been torn up or razed to put up homes or businesses, a small little piece of heaven on earth that still is the way it was.

Coming out of the woods, the hiker leaves with a new sense of discovery, learning once again the importance of the simple things in life, like a hike in the woods. When it all is thrown in the pot, it really is the simple things in life.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!


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