Best Friends at Shack


Best Friends

Best Friends

Why is it that our souls can connect with one single person, sometimes two or three if we’re lucky, and be separate but still feel as one complete set? Can’t explain it, at least I can’t, other than knowing it can and does happen, for which I’m entirely grateful.

BFF’s are the fun times in life. Getting into whatever, going places, doing things, having intimate conversations you wouldn’t have with anyone else, helping each other as you age and things just aren’t quite the same as when you were younger.

My best friend and I have BFF Date Day’s, where we leave the hubby doing whatever and Hershey, the Wonderdog, stays home. Sometimes we plan, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we plan and end up doing something else. Either way, it’s go with the flow and see what happens.



On this particular day, we ended up in Beaufort, a tiny town on the Eastern Shore. It’s a quaint yet enchanting little town, where you can walk the sidewalks and talk to just about anyone. It’s quite beautiful and B and I loved it with a passion. It’s about as far East as you can go without falling into the water and drifting to the big Atlantic. It’s also a gateway to some of the many barrier islands off the coast. By that I mean there are ferry services that will take you through Taylor’s Creek and drop you off at Carrot Island or Shackleford Banks and beyond. We decided on Shack.

When it comes to the coast and the barrier islands, nothing is a straight shot, or as easy as the crows fly. It takes navigation skills to get from Point A to Point B, and surely not as easy at it looks. But we were going to Shack, we were going shelling, we were going to see the wild horses, we were going to the very ends of the earth where there was nobody else except those crossing over on the ferry, and they would go their separate ways when we arrived.



B and I hopped aboard and it was on then. Off we went, the wind blowing in our hair and the sight of Beaufort getting smaller as we traveled down Taylor’s Creek, past Carrot Island, and on into the inlet. What a ride! Such peace. Well, I’m sure the Captain didn’t feel that way as I kept him engaged in conversation pretty much the whole trip over to Shack. Finally we landed, literally, on the beach of Shack in that flat-bottomed ferry, complete with steps to get down. We were here and we were happy!



First, there was the wild horses. Wannabe photographer that I am, zooming was not good enough for me. I had to see how close I could get. Well, a word to the wise; do not walk up on a wild horse. He let me know real quick that I was in his territory, not the other way around. B was like Oh My Gosh! I was like Oh Crap! Live and learn, live and learn.

So we made tracks to the other side of the island. Windy was an understatement; blowing sand hurts, no kidding. Much better on the other side of the island, which was facing the ocean. Here we are, B and I, facing the big Atlantic, which we’ve seen and been to thousands of times yet it never ceases to amaze. Truly a luxury for many who don’t live on the Eastern Shore. The love of the coast is in both of us, and we know how to enjoy what has been given for our enjoyment.

We were shelling; so many shells, so many different one’s when each wave crashed to the shore. Out with the old, in with the new. Some of them stayed and we were lucky enough to get some great ones. Some were perfect and some were perfect with their imperfections. Nothing like walking in wet sand barefooted, feeling those hard shells under your feet. It’s a lot of work to walk in wet sand. Pretty soon it was time for a break so I left the daypack with B, took the shelling bag and told her I’d be going down the beach a ways. A ways can be confusing because you might not realize just how far you’ve walked. Either way, there’s no way to get lost because it’s an island…..and there’s so many shells! On and on I walked, picking up more shells along the way when I suddenly realized that oops, I’d left B! So I backtracked to her not realizing just how far I had walked. In the midst of that wide open space, I started laughing because I realized I had become totally focused on looking down and finding shells and wasn’t thinking about anything else! Poor B. I’d left her!

Wild Horses

Wild Horses

So I was heading back, head still down as I was looking for shells, when I almost stumbled over this lady sitting in a chair. I don’t know who was more startled; her, because she didn’t realize I was there or me, because I almost tripped over her! That was a good laugh for us both. A few minutes of conversation then I rounded the last bend and there was B, sitting happily in the sand, enjoying the moments as they went by. Sat down with her and enjoyed those same moments together. Such peace and harmony among friends even with no conversation.

But alas, our time was up. The last ferry of the day would be there soon and we had to be at the pickup point. Loaded our stuff up, each helping the other, and trekked back to the windy side of the island and the sandstorm. There were tidal pools everywhere and I’m not one to stay out of them. Some birds were feasting on a freshly dead horseshoe crab, each trying to declare said feast as their own territory. The wild horses were roaming around, very observant I’m sure but this was their territory and we were the interlopers. As punishment on my not so smart move of trying to get close to the stallion, I had the wonderful experience of getting a sandspur stuck deep in my toe! Yep, one up for you, big guy.

Windy and Sandy

Windy and Sandy

The ferry arrived and we climbed aboard, waiting for others as this was the last ferry of the day. You can camp on Shack but you have to let them know or those folks will come looking for you. Finally, everyone was accounted for and it was time for lift-off. More peace and happiness, but nostalgia also as we were leaving a special place that isn’t inhabited by nothing but wildness. Glad there are places like that still in the world, and lucky enough to have them close enough to visit occasionally.

Sitting on the deck at Finz, watching the sun bake, all of the tourists covered with oil……..we had a blast and we’re not the tourists. We just get the chance to watch them.

It doesn’t take much to make B or I happy and we are lucky to have that and each other, through all the adventures, good and bad, that life brings. No matter what takes place, we can find solace and peace together, regardless of if we are out on a BFF Date Day adventure or sitting on the back deck watching the crops in the back field grow. Best friends are connected whether they’re the same or not, enjoying everything and nothing. She’s the calm one and I’m the go-getter. I’d say that is a perfect match.

....watching the sun bake, all of the tourist covered in oil...... Jimmy Buffet

….watching the sun bake, all of the tourist covered in oil…… Jimmy Buffet



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