Some Things Were Meant To Be…

courtesy of bing images

courtesy of bing images

Hope is a powerful word, giving us the feeling that there is something bigger outside of ourselves in which to grab and hold on to, a feeling of knowing whatever is right or wrong in the world, there is always hope for today, and there will be hope for tomorrow.

I have lived in Gypsy ~The Airstream for 20 months and loved it most times except for last winter when it was so cold and there was so much snow and ice and wind. I couldn’t get warm or stay warm and ‘hoped’ spring would hurry up and arrive. I could not blog any because my fingers were so cold they were numb. I gave up on sharing any posts or thoughts because I was too busy trying to stay warm. Twenty-nine degrees inside when waking up in the morning was a little too much, but I made it and spring arrived in all her glory. Warmer weather. Thank you, God!

Earlier in the summer, I had major surgery to correct a problem from a previous major surgery. It led to a drastic loss of weight that has stabilized around 100 lbs., give or take at any given time of day. I should be gaining but I’m not, which leads me to the fact that I have absolutely no body fat to speak of. Nothing. Nada. Nowhere. I am skin and bones and relaxed muscles. No fat. That means no insulation. And we just had two cold nights (49 degrees with the heater running is too cold, as I have just found out), and fall had only begun. I knew right then, in my heart of hearts, that I would have to do something about that. Gypsy ~ The Airstream needed some work but I couldn’t or wouldn’t get it done while living in her. More importantly, I knew I would not make it through the winter with the cold as a constant factor the next few months.

I have been thinking on what to do about this little blip in the road: rent a place with heat for the winter, rent a room, rent: I was lost and confused because I didn’t want to leave my kiddos in a lurch but I knew I could not survive in the cold, literally. A tough choice to make but one that had to be made anyway.

Two days ago, while riding that 15 minute drive to my best friend’s house, I had a thought come into my head. Then more thoughts. Then the thought that this could work, maybe. In all honestly, it would be a win/win situation for everyone involved. Did I dare even mention it? We all know the only dumb question is the one not asked and the only dumb idea is the one not presented.

So I asked and presented and we discussed. A big hit and no brainer for BFF and hubby was on board also when she presented the idea to him. Still not getting my hopes up but hope sure was alive and well regardless. I was not the only one excited, so was the bestie! Like I said, a win/win for everyone involved if this worked. Family discussion would take place and she’d let me know.

I came back home and didn’t think about it anymore. I just turned the heater on, fixed something out of the can to eat and crawled in the bed with the wool blanket and the doggie. Cold again. Even with the heater. It’s going to be a long winter.

Mid-morning the next day, my phone actually rang (I don’t have a signal in this part of the woods). It was the bestie. Family discussion said it was a GO! It was also a ‘When do you want to move in? Today?’

Thank you, God!

I was not going to be cold this winter! I would have hot water for showers, a real bed to sleep in, a big kitchen to cook in, plenty of room to drag out the sewing machine to make new things for Gypsy ~ The Airstream, Hershey would have a big yard to play in. More important than the warmth, I would be in a central location where friends could just “drop in” for a meal or a glass of tea, eat a cookie or two, eat supper with me and so forth and so on. You get the picture. It’s a Southern thing and one I would be SO excited to be back in.

The best thing of all though is I’m within walking distance of my best friend. It doesn’t get much better than that. We’ll almost be neighbors instead of 20 miles apart; I’ll be there for her if/when she needs me to be. I’ll be there for her when she really just wants me to go back home! (big laugh!)

courtesy of bing images

courtesy of bing images

As I’ve sat here and written these words, I realize just how excited I am. It’s all short-term, nothing permanent, but it’s a start towards staying warm. Add my friends to the mix and I’ve found heaven on earth. No more sullen silences, no more stay away unless I need you, no more holding my Baby Girl back from me because someone had a bad day, NO more walking on eggshells.

Many, many thanks to my friends and family.

I have a new job.

I’m a housesitter!

All because of Hope.





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