Remembering Gypsy

Change is inevitable.

Nothing ever stays the same.

Change has come to visit my door.

Not that I’m so much for or against the change, it’s just getting all the pro’s and con’s in order and setting the mind right to make the change work. The original reason for this change was for warmth during the winter. Now, it’s a matter of necessity. Simply put, I’m just too old to deal with some things and choose not to.

Most of “The Laughing Nanny” readers know I have been living in Gypsy ~ The Airstream  for about 20 months and have had some very interesting experiences. As I prepare to leave her for the winter and stay in a house for the sake of warmth and health, not knowing if I will ever come back here, I would like to remember back on some things that has made this such an interesting experience and one I will never regret.

I came here when I received the call to pack a bag, grab the dog, and come down here. Your camper is ready. All you have to do is move in. Music to my ears because I knew I would finally be safe. Nothing and no one would bother me where I was living now. Nobody would be that dumb.

I moved in at the end of winter; springtime was on the way. The world was good, the family was great and I became comfortable in my little aluminum house. When it rained, I could hear it on the roof and what a peaceful sound that is. Sunshine in every window; a breeze from the North or Northeast would blow in the windows of my little hidey-hole.

Of course, there were many adjustments to be made living inside such a tiny space (approximately 168 square feet), and making sure everything had a place and hopefully, a multiple use. I found over time you learn what you can and can’t live without and believe me, there’s not much you can’t live without. So I organized, discarded, donated, gave away what did not serve a purpose. I have very little until I think of all the things I have to pack up to move into the house! But I did it and it worked out beautifully. Prepared but not overboard.

I fell in love with my step-granddaughter and we spent a lot of time together when she was allowed to spend time with me. I looked forward to Baby Girl being born and holding her for the first time, having dreams of grandeur at being the best grandma and loving her forever, with all my heart. I had tremendous love for my kids regardless of any problems and it felt good to be with and around them.

I basically lived in the woods so there was always a chance to hike the surrounding areas, from which I had much enjoyment. Nature at her finest. I had lots of birdfeeders and I think every bird in the neighborhood and surrounding areas knew where they could eat for free. At night, possums and raccoons would show up for a visit to climb the canopy so as to snatch down a birdfeeder in which to eat his meal. One in particular caused me much laughter during the middle of the night since I booby-trapped the feeders! So the night I caught him on film, just as guilty as could be, was a defining moment in the enjoyment of living so close to nature. I hear a lot more of what’s outside while inside the camper than can be heard in a house; like the gentle sound of a rainshower, quiet thunder in the distance, even lightning because there are no obstacles in front of the windows.

There was peace, there was quiet, there was unconditional love for those I called my own.

When I got so sick in February and it eventually came down to the decision to fix it or die, I chose life, knowing it would be hard living in the camper afterwards and not trying to think about that part of it. I love my camper and easily lived and could have died peacefully here but the first cold night of the season rudely awakened me to the facts of life as they stand with me now. I would not survive another hard winter without appropriate warmth on a body with no fat anymore.

So today, as I try to gain back the five lbs that I lost between Sunday and Monday, I remember all the fun and good times I’ve had in Gypsy – with great laughter but not without a tear or two…or ten.

Many people, or so I’ve heard, don’t see why or even choose to understand why I chose this path with Gypsy. But I love her, I’ve enjoyed her, and as I prepare to leave her, I realize it’s much harder than I would have ever thought. I’m going to miss her. She was a savior in my little life.

On the positive side, change can be the best thing of all.





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