Where Have All the Cowboys Gone

Things That Make Me Grateful

Before the new year, my best friend had a wonderful idea about ‘100 Things That Make Me Grateful.’ What a great idea! Kind of iffy about sharing some or all of it on Facebook. I was one of her chosen ones as was her sister. Some were shared with family and friends and other weren’t (my post anyway).

Looking back on some of the things I wrote, I noted some were about family and friends, kindness to others, helping out if at all possible, doing what you could do when you could do it (due to health reasons), and just plain out being nice to your fellow man even when some fellow men act like jerks (me included).

I’m grateful to have the ability and means to help some people but I’ve come to realize somewhere along this journey, I need to give to me a little more (a lot more). I don’t have much but I share when I can, which is way more than usual. Maybe my own thoughts or God speaking to me but something is telling me to cool it for a while. I have learned that helping someone in need is a good thing but helping someone because of their own irresponsibility is something else entirely.

Maybe I have this all wrong but yesterday, when the doc asked me who takes care of me when I have surgeries and am sick? I said nobody, just me. The look she gave me was, ‘you’re kidding, right?’ Nope, I’m afraid not. Where have all the cowboys gone? The fact is (as I see it), is if it’s not about you, it doesn’t matter. We’re heading that way quicker and quicker.

So, for this post, I am grateful that I’ve been single long enough to take care of my own self and get the job done. I’m even more grateful to those who pretend to care. It’s not rocket science folks. Treat others the way you want to be treated and be grateful for ALL that you have. Not everybody is so lucky.