And the Saga Continues (Gypsy ~ The Cherokee)

Nanny (that would be me) and Hershey (the Wonder Dog) spent the winter in a house with heat, hot running water, a big, lay down in it tub, a real bed and a kitchen big enough to feed the whole neighborhood. No complaints from me; after losing so much weight, I was dreading another cold, snowy winter in Gypsy – the Airstream. Not that I didn’t love her because I did. I just needed to look out for Hershey and me and also be realistic about the whole ordeal.

time to exit the comfort zone

Gypsy ~ The Airstream

Yep, it was a very cold, snowy, icy winter but we were happy, healthy (as much as could be) and warm. Thoroughly enjoyed the big tub and the hot, epson salt baths, and the big kitchen and made it a perfect temporary home for us. Amazing how some things just seems to work for the good occasionally.

But alas, all good things must come to an end and this was not to last for a long term period, in which I was fully aware. However, I sort of dreamed I could stay, it was mine and life was good. But that was only a dream, more like thoughts actually. My time was up and I needed to move on. Two hard winters had taken a serious toll on me and on Gypsy, the Airstream and in my mind, she needed a lot of TLC before she would be what she needed to be. I had plans for her when I bought her and I plan to do those in the fall of the year. She’s a beauty, a motivator and quite an inspiration when things look a little too hard to do.

In the meantime, I have a new camper that will be traveling around to wherever in a few days or so. Honestly, I thought about a piece of land to put it on as a ‘home base’ but decided against that because………well, I might find exactly where I need to be while I’m away. I do love to help people but, first and foremost, I need to get away from the old homeplace for a while, if not permanently.

Last ChanceThere’s a big difference between a 1970 something Airstream and a new Forest River Cherokee. Never had a slide-out, never had automatic pilot lights, never had loads of electrical outlets, never had SO much room! Everything is electric unless it’s running on DC power, then it’s running on gas….automatically. It’s a mansion of campers! I’m used to fighting with Gypsy, the Airstream when all I have to do is push a button on the Cherokee. Talk about a change to get used to!

I had to move all my stuff from the house to the camper. Amazing what you can acquire in five short months. So I’ve organized all the boxes and started unpacking the stuff to see what was necessary and what isn’t. In the midst of this move and sort process, Hershey and I have been staying with friends (Thank You, God!). Especially since it’s been a slow process as I pulled a back muscle (seriously?) and tumbled down the 2nd story steps two or three days later. Ha! I thought I was in pain before; I quickly learned what real pain was. Ugh….. heating pad and back brace was useless. My right arm would get numb and I couldn’t use it. No problem, I know a chiropractor! He did his heavy duty whatever, loaded me up with plenty of deep, electric zaps, super-heated the back; I took it easy for a few days and it’s almost good as new! Gosh, things like this can happen at the most inopportune times, you know?

My friends — They are the best to take me in like this. The problem is I’ve become used to having people around. Before, there was only Hershey and I for seven years, longer for me when I didn’t have Hershey. We both have people around us during the day and night these past few nights. When Hershey and I go work in the Last Chance, he whines. I know why. He’s missing his people. How do I know? Because I’m missing my people, too and I haven’t even left yet. Tonight or tomorrow night will be my last night; Hershey and I will be alone again and I’m afraid this time we might be lonely also. Lonely isn’t usually in my vocabulary but I think it’s going to be for a while. I might not have conquered everything before but at least I handled it well enough to make sure I wake up each morning, regardless.

So, that’s where we stand right now. Almost ready to face the future. I must admit that I’m uneasy with the change and what I’m about to do; I’m not a very good “backer” nor am I an expert at hooking up the water and sewer pipes. But I could sit around here and wait for someone to show me (and, of course, no one wants to get involved) or just hit the road and let my lack of experience teach me what I need to know. The hardest, yet maybe the easiest part, will be making sure there are people around to chat with. Who knows who you might meet along the way. Could be some great, life-long friends or maybe someone for me – with mutual respect and acceptance. Might even be the Grim Reaper in this day and age. If not, I certainly know how to live on my own.

To be continued



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