Two Sisters

Growing up in a military family has to be hard at times; being transferred from base to base, country to country, until you finally get used to packing and moving at a moment’s notice.

Add to that a young soldier in the Air Force marrying the love of his life. Regardless of marriage, the Air Force would tell the young couple when and where they would live, for however long they should decide for them.

This didn’t stop them; along came a beautiful baby girl. Pretty soon thereafter, along came a little baby boy. A little while later, along came another beautiful baby girl; sisters. This little family traveled around the world at the orders of the Air Force, living in different countries (Italy, Spain, England), frequently going to different schools, living on a tight budget, treats and splurging done when dad happened to be home

The kids were friends but there was a special bond between the sisters.

After a while, the family returned back home and another son was born, a lot younger than the youngest sister.

The older sister began a life of her own, marrying the man of her dreams and moving halfway across the country. She was truly happy, enjoyed life and made each day special and positive.

The youngest sister married the love of her life and stayed close by her family, the only one of the four children to do so. She, too, enjoyed life and made each day special and positive.

The youngest sister talks about her big sis with love and affection and wishes they could see each other more and lived closer to each other. Sometimes you need more than a phone call.

This past week I have been lucky enough to watch these two sis’s interact with each other. Completely different as night and day, which make it all extremely interesting, listening to them play fighting yet knowing it’s just for fun, watching big sis in action as grass does not have time to grown under her feet, she is just that active, watching the stress and pressure from having to do it all leave her for a few short days as big sis took charge. Then there’s the ‘just being sisters’ part that brings either a smile, a giggle or a big laugh, nuances only sisters like this can understand. Because they do understand. Each other. A gift.

Little sis? She couldn’t get enough of big sis. Lots of work to do and it had to be done. Including walking, a fun trip to the coast, and slow, relaxed evenings with no harsh words or ill attitudes.

Big sis leaves tomorrow to return to her world, and little sis is going to miss her terribly. The past week has been full of inspiration, motivation, let’s get this done, let’s get that out, etc.

It’s kind of sad to think how little sis will feel when sis get’s on the airplane that’s going to take her halfway across the country.

Friends are friends but, if it’s real, there’s no stronger bond than the bond between sisters.



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