Delay… Delay… And Another Delay

Gypsy ~ The Cherokee

Do you ever wonder sometimes if the universe conspires against you? This is where you laugh because this is supposed to be funny. I’m laughing but I’m also beginning to wonder if it might be a little bit true. ‘The Big Adventure,’ which I have aptly named this excursion I am seeking, seems to be a little hesitant about getting started. Truth be known, no fault goes to the universe but instead lands squarely in my lap. I’ve already found out there are two thousand and one things to do before I can hook up and haul Gypsy ~ The Cherokee around, with the first three or four needing ASAP attention. Oh, bother!

Most of you know I lived in Gypsy ~ The Airstream Aviary and Wildlife Refuge for about 20 months so I lived tiny. Then I moved into a house for five months to have heat for this weightless, fatless body that could not stay warm. Apparently, I acquired a few additional items not conducive to camper living so the minimalist had to minimize, again.

Clothes – My beautiful thrift store finds had to go. Do you have any idea how embarrassing it is to go around all day long, hiking your pants up? Yep, they had to go. Shirts? They hung on me; I needed some straw just like the Scarecrow in ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ Dresses, my all time favorite garment, made me look like my arms and legs were toothpicks instead of flesh and blood! At least the hidden bird tattoo’s made them somewhat alive looking. Let’s just suffice it to say the donation pile hurt my female feelings. Never fear though. When I realized I never would/will get back the weight, I started buying some clothes that fit (actually, I didn’t have a choice or I would have been put in the slammer otherwise!). Did I also mention I’m the t-shirt queen? Yea, well, I didn’t donate any of those. Might take a little while to part with some of them because most of them have special meanings or memories attached. I know, I know… chunk it. I will… someday. Clothes? I have my own style, which usually doesn’t coincide with Mary Jane’s style too much, if at all. Hey, I can’t help it. I like being a female! We won’t even talk about shoes. Nope! Nada!!

Two days ago, when I was finally ready to hook and tow, I realized that SNAP, I hadn’t picked up my sticker for the truck. The next word wasn’t snap, I can safely assure you. Fiddle, this was going to be a pain in the patoot because our county’s DMV was ‘closed down’ for some ‘oops boo boo’ and we all had to traipse to the next county’s DMV. I knew hook and tow was not going to happen that day, not when going to the DMV. As a matter of fact, you better pray for patience the whole way there because that place can make people’s tempers flair. Not mine though; I only told the 6’5″, 250 lbs plus fella that he was NOT next in line! Calmed down the furry tempers hovering inside that little space. Makes me laugh! Hop, skip, jump and I’m through after waiting about an hour! That means on the road tomorrow, which would have been yesterday until…

The RV center calls to verify I have a sticker on the RV tag. Do what? Huh? Great! I have stickers but not like the vehicle. Here I am, ready to hook up to tow and find this out. Nothing else to do but pray for patience and head back to the next county to visit those wonderful people at the DMV. The lady takes the plate and tells me I’m good until October. Say what? You don’t have to do this now. Seriously? Here’s my thought…. I’m already here, let’s just do everything there is to do for everything there is and be done with the whole kit and kaboodle for maybe a year? I hope? We were laughing and she fixed everything right up. I think if I get another call about going to the DMV, I’m going to scream! This means we can leave tomorrow, which means today until…

I woke up at 3:30 this morning and pretty much determined that today was not going to be the best day for me to be driving. See, I have times of extremely low blood pressure and I know when I have it. I mean, there’s no doubt because the way I feel. I have occasionally passed out before so I take this seriously and do not drive, climb, move around fast, etc., etc., etc. When I am behind the wheel, I’m focused on everyone else (you really learn that when you drive a motorcycle). When I’m like this, I am more focused on me. Not a combination I like so I stay put. Yea, I’ve missed a lot of things because of this ailment but it eases up over time with rest, salt and fluids. It means I need to take it easy today and rest. Sometimes, it takes a couple of days to recover. We do what we have to do.

Tomorrow is a new day but I’m not planning anything! Seems like if I plan something, it doesn’t work out, or hasn’t at this point. Maybe there’s a reason for that; I don’t know but I choose to think I’m being looked out for. Besides, I’d rather fly by the seat of my pants and see what happens. Love Nanny


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