The Big Adventure ~ Day 1

I was so excited I set the rooster alarm to go off at 5 a.m. Not that I would get up then but I could lay there and dream and think about what Hershey and I would be doing today, where we would be going, how was it going to work out, could I, would, I, did I have enough confidence in me, if not strength, to do this?

Well, I’m here to tell you yes, yes and yes! It was a marvelous day, sunshiny and warm (hot sometimes). Soon jumped up and got ready for the day at hand. Stuff that might make it to the floor on the road I put in boxes. (Would have worked fine if some doo flop in front of me hadn’t slammed on brakes. Ho Hum). Went down the checklist — slide-out is in, stairs are secure, hand rail is secure, windows and blinds are closed, door is locked. Hooked that baby up in about half an hour. Yea, that’s REALLY good for me, especially when something wasn’t right and I kept undoing and redoing until it was perfect. Yay me!

Pulled out on the road with 32 extra feet, including the tongue. Miss Ellie, the big truck, looks tiny in front of Gypsy ~ The Cherokee. Lord, what have I gone and done? Smile, it’s better than you think. Thirty miles from the starting point and traveling at 65 mph, I already had a feel for the towing and ears open to any different than normal sounds. Even the bump and pull and bounce seemed to disappear. With the towing mirrors, I could really see how and where I needed to be in my lane, especially when stuck between two eighteen-wheelers. Better make sure I had that one figured out good and fast! After that, it was smooth sailing.

Since I only traveled no faster than 65 mph, the time to get from Point A to Point B was longer than it would have been without the towing. That was quite all right however, as I needed to know what kind of timeframe I was looking at when traveling to Point C, Point D and the rest of the alphabet. We did make a few more impromptu stops today to give Hershey a break and me some ‘unfocused’ attention. Plus……. gas, twice!

Speaking of gas, not all gas stations are camper friendly, I tell you! Had to bypass a few because there was NO way that was going to work! Then I’d stop in some empty parking lot and look at the map, get ready to go and just groan. How in the heck am I going to get out of THIS little hole? Patience, for which I had a ton of, thank you God, and saying phooey on the mirrors and just look behind me instead! Oh, did I mention this particular time was dark? At least it was in a church parking lot! Another time was in a catholic church parking lot. I’m not stupid; God got me out of both of those holes I drove Gypsy into!

Finally made the campground after dark. I had called and ordered a pull-thru earlier. That one didn’t work so there was another one. Hooked the electricity up and we hit the hay! Haven’t even unhooked from Miss Ellie, just raised her and Gypsy up and crawled under the covers. Bedroom window is open and there’s a chilly breeze blowing in. Threw an extra blanket on the bed, which Hershey has so eagerly warmed up. We’re both tired but I’m still wired. This campground is not like other’s I’ve seen; it’s too noisy, there’s too much traffic so the quiet and peace is not to be found here.

Have not decided yet which route to take tomorrow and how far we will go. I just hear the west whispering my name, saying come here, come here now.

I’m sure working on it.

Love Nanny


4 thoughts on “The Big Adventure ~ Day 1

  1. Sounds like a great first day! Go where the road takes you my friend! Be careful and enjoy the open air!

  2. I applude you having that much confidence in yourself to do this……would love to be with you…..enjoy, have loads of fun and be safe!!!!!!

    • Thanks! I think the confidence is coming from actually getting out there and doing it. Quite a learning experience, plus I am getting to see places I haven’t been to before. I intend to be safe and have fun! Thanks!

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