The Big Adventure ~ Day 2 and Day 3

I have to say I sure have come a long way from the pretend self-confidence of Day 1. Not that I didn’t think I could haul this jewel around and learn the ropes; more like the fact that I didn’t really know much at all.

First of all, I have found it is not necessarily the number of miles you can travel in a day but how long you travel during the day. Normally, I can zip right through 500 miles in about 8.5 hours. High speed and no Gypsy. Not the case when towing and having to be extra focused. At first I was concerned that I wasn’t making the miles as I thought I should until I talked with a fellow camper. ‘It’s not the number of miles but the number of hours’ that decide when you need to stop and rest. Besides, there’s more things involved with a Gypsy camper after you park than there is just running inside a hotel and getting a room. There’s still work to be done.

Not so the second night. Hershey and I both were exhausted, with a capital ‘E.’ Pulled in, did not unhook, had no electricity, didn’t care, opened the windows, crawled in the bed. Poor doggie, so tired he laid on his side of the bed, stretched completely out, not curled up in a little fur ball at my feet. I’m right there with you buddy, I thought. No a/c and we were a little warm. Sleep… blessed sleep, and I remembered to cut the wifi off before I lost consciousness!

Never budged until 7:30; seriously, I woke up before Hershey, at that late to boot? Oh, he was chomping at the bit when I woke up. (Laugh) So began our day.

Day 2, we had come through some of the most beautiful country I have ever seen; rolling hills full of hay being cut and rolled, very in the country, cattle everywhere right down to the big trucks and big trailers for them. Tractors, hay bailers, hay being cut and rolled and thousand of bails already rolled, waiting in the field for pick-up. Beautiful. Then suddenly, out of the blue, it was National Forest land that seemed to go on forever, and almost did, or at least to our destination for the night. A lake, hiking trails, and some interesting things right around, not to mention again how beautiful it all was. Arrived after dark again so made do with what we had. Day 3 would be a Zero (rest) day and I intended for us to explore the area. Yep, it was my kind of place. But…..

Day 3 came and since we had no electricity, I called the handy dandy Mr. RV man and I was walked through the issues, which happened to be none. I went and played with the breaker and, voila, we had a/c, microwave, frig and all other goodies we rely on with electricity. A simple fix really but I figured Mr. RV man wouldn’t appreciate a call from me at 11:00 at night.

That one call set the ball rolling. It was time to attend some ‘ACT’ classes (Advanced Camper Training) and what better time than now. There goes my Zero day. I needed to unhook Gypsy from the truck, set her up, connect the water and sewer. I’d been dry camping with 40 gallons of water in the holding tank and it was time to empty. Between the lady camper I met and two of the KOA fellas that work here, I did it, all by myself actually. The only thing they did was tell me what to do except getting those blasted, pain in the butt fittings in the sewer hose. I had help. I wasn’t strong enough to stretch the hose enough to get it in. Next time? I’ll get the one that already has the fittings stuck in the hose. Thanked him profusely and hooked it all up, no problem at all. Opened the black water tank and everything was PERFECT! Then I opened the gray water tank and everything was PERFECT! Did the Sani-Flush to clear the lines and that was PERFECT! Put fresh water in the tank and we’re ready to go! Chocked the wheels, unhooked Miss Ellie from Gypsy and worked with the anchoring. Lot is not completely level so that’s been a real challenge. Experience – the best teacher. From now on, if I don’t think the lot will work, I’ll request another lot. For now, we’re not rolling and I’ll just keep working on it.

Day 4? Undecided right now if I want to have a real Zero day or hit the trail. I think I’ll decide that in the morning. It pays to be spontaneous at times.

Regardless, this non-Zero day was worth all the effort and hard work. Already had the want-to and gumption; add confidence to the list.

And the excitement continues…. and the west is closer.

Hint ~ Anyone for ‘Fried Green Tomatoes? Hmmm…… I wonder how their BBQ tastes…….




2 thoughts on “The Big Adventure ~ Day 2 and Day 3

  1. I am LOVING living this experience through your words! How great to have the opportunity to hit the open road and just go where the road takes you! And the only way to learn to do things is by trial and error! Your doing a great job my friend!

    • Thanks, Melissa! In spite of all the challenges, it’s been loads of fun so far. Things are so much easier to learn when you have no choice other than to do it by yourself or ask a perfect, yet helpful, stranger. Today is a Zero day but tomorrow, we will be on the road heading towards a special place. The excitement is almost too much! LOL Thanks for your comments! I sure do appreciate your positivity!

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