The Big Adventure ~ Day 5 (Sunday) and Day 6 (Monday)

Camping is nothing if not an adventure.

Day 5 (Sunday), I unhooked the power, water and sewer lines, tethered Gypsy to Miss Ellie, and proceeded to drive off that uneven lot I fought with and out of the campground. However, I had an uneasy feeling in knowing the cable for the right sway bar was unraveling and breaking in places. Since it was Sunday and my text to Mr. RV man had yet to be answered, I decided to err on the side of caution (and safety) by turning on the next road and entering the campground again.

“No problem’, said Sherry, the KOA camper lady; requested the site I especially liked (right down the hill from the doggie playground), and here we are again! Traveled…oh…. maybe a quarter of a mile, at most. Hey, I like it here, I like the little town and I love the little county. Feels good and it’s nice to be some place where it feels good.

Bright and early on Day 6, I’m on the phone trying to get up with Mr. RV man, which I don’t, then try to speak to a tech, which I don’t, but they’ll sure try to sell me some parts. Yea, right. So I call Husky Tow, the maker of my particular CenterLine Anti-Sway In-Line tongue to find out the scoop. Good news. Not a towing issue; just look out for the legs when you unhook the spring bars. Yay!

So we’re unhooked and rehooked, again, and I’m walking around doing the final inspection of trailer and truck before moving when……… I notice something doesn’t look right above the cable. I’ll say! A one quarter inch thick piece of metal bracket that holds the spring bar mechanism in place had BROKEN OFF! In other words, this was an accident just waiting to happen. Called Mr. RV man…. blah blah blah. Called a local RV company about 30 some miles away and talked to a fella who told me exactly what to do and how they were going to help me. Call Husky first, send them the pics and they will send the parts (still under warranty and right to the fella at the RV center, who will be here after work tomorrow to FIX this for me! Woo Hoo! Did I mention at no charge? He told me he had done this a lot for quite a lot of years, not for money but to get people back on the road, where they really want to be. As far as I’m concerned, this fella and his company in that little town has gone above and beyond the call of duty for me today and I shall pay it forward to him accordingly.

Whether my mistake, a flaw in the material or poor installation at the beginning is all beside the point. What IS the point is I have been in a predicament and would have, most likely been in a worse predicament if I was not so very observant of Gypsy and Miss Ellie every single time we stop and/or start. Safety of others, myself, Hershey, Gypsy, Miss Ellie comes before anything else. The main thing is I used my wits to figure most of this out. What I didn’t know, someone else certainly did.

My plans were to soon hit the Midwest so I could hear my cousin preach/teach the last night of his “Pilgrim’s Progress” sermon. I doubt that will happen as I’ll be here tonight and tomorrow night; and if I haven’t mentioned it before, this place is a keeper. I love this town!

Things I’ve learned is keep your eyes and ears open and inspect, inspect, inspect. Another thing I’ve learned and maybe because it’s still the South, but men will often get more help with their RV’s than a woman, or at least me. I had a spotter only one time and he was doing his best to tell me the ball would go in while I was telling him it surely would not! Jumped in his little handy dandy golf cart and left! Guess what? I still got it coupled on that awfully uneven lot. Even when they’re outside, or beside me, they either think I know what I’m doing anyway or else they’ll sit there and look at me back up and go forward for about 15 minutes before I achieve success, in which everyone will know by the “Woo Hoo” that’s yelled soon thereafter!

Am I afraid? No, not really. Am I cautious? Yes, to the letter. Am I learning, not only about Gypsy and Miss Ellie but me, too? Shoot, YEAH!

So even though I’ve spent a good part of the day on the phone and the rest of the time enjoying the wicked thunderstorm, we’ve not been bored. We’ve relaxed, we’ve enjoyed, we’ve learned; and you know what? I kind of like it that way!




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