The Big Adventure ~ Day 9

Ten years, six years, one year.

Keeping the health up.

It all boils down to doing the best you can with what you have to work it.

The worst, by far, is the lack of weight, fat and strength that sustains us through each and every day. I can only eat or drink so much with an egg-sized stomach and even that doesn’t work a lot of times. Still, I make myself eat.

A good day is a blessing, one where things are normal and I can come and go and do just like a well person. There are, however, consequences after the fact – sometimes even before. Here comes the exhaustion, the weakness, an infinite and indescribable tiredness that takes over and, on occasion, will completely shut the body down so as to rest and regroup. It takes about two days to recover from one good day.

Still we ride. Still we go, from place to place, testing the body to see how it reacts in this different situation I knowingly and willingly put it in. Hence the Zero days. If the focus is not there, and I know when it won’t be, it’s stay put.

Obviously, I was hoping the trip would bring along some medical miracle for this tiny body but that’s not to be. I do what I have to do to set things right for when we’re towing or not but, let’s face it, it’s not all without a break. Four anchors and I don’t have the strength to get one taken care of before a break, much less four.

A break is not the normal break. A break is the positive self-pep talk to myself about doing it and doing it right, no matter how long it takes. It’s not frustration, it’s reality and I know that oh so well now. On days I know I don’t have the strength for that part, I leave trailer and truck coupled and jack it up until centered, or level. Before, I would down myself for being the ‘sickly little creature.’ Not anymore.

Last year’s surgery is not a permanent fix; it was the only option I had to live life a little more. What will come down the road is not something I am thinking about now; however, I can try to keep the physical limitations from going downhill. There is no uphill. It’s just maintain on a daily basis.

As Doc Surgeon told me a few months back — you have things you want to do, places to go, people to see. Go do them. My body has not bounced back as he was hoping it would. Like I said, I was hoping for a medical miracle.

So the reality of life, this life, is day by day. Literally. I’ll be where I am right now at least until Monday. I know my limitations. It’s also a holiday weekend (where have I been?) and campgrounds are a little scarce right now.

What I’d really like, more than anything, is one of Woody’s grilled, hickory-smoked burgers. Might last for two or three meals but that dude knows how to grill a burger!




3 thoughts on “The Big Adventure ~ Day 9

  1. There’s not much I can do, and I know it, and it sucks. But, if you get in a real jamb and don’t feel like you can make it back. Let me know, we’ll come get you!

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