The Big Adventure – Day 15

Sitting here in the early morning light of Day 16, I’m thinking on all the things I have learned, the confidence that has been gained, the want and will to ‘just do it’ and then go do it.

When I started this adventure 15 days ago, little did I realize how much I didn’t know about hauling and setting up a 32’ camper, driving it around and setting it up until there was no choice but to figure it all out myself. Don’t get me wrong; there was help along the way if you need a helping hand and a couple of times I did.

The trip started later than anticipated, cutting down the time on the road; plus, mechanical failure on one of the towing sway bars made it unable to tow. The part had to be ordered, shipped and replaced and that cut the time down even more. So, all the plans I had made on where to be by when kind of fell off the wagon but you know what? That’s a good thing. If not, I would be in Texas or Oklahoma where all the rain and floods are happening. Maybe all of this was meant to be, keeping us safe.

This trip west, which is still west, is actually east of the Mississippi. I don’t intend to ‘rush’ west of the Mississippi only to turn around and hurry back due to prior obligations. There will be time after those obligations are fulfilled and I will also have much more experience and knowledge under my belt (well, I don’t wear a belt but you get it).

About eleven days into the trip, I began to wish someone had been able to come with me. For some reason it seemed lonely being alone, which doesn’t usually bother me. Not that time however, and I didn’t know why either. That strange feeling has since moved on, thank goodness, as I’ve realized that the maiden voyage of both Gypsy – The Cherokee and myself needed to be done alone.

Right now, we are at the premiere of all KOA campgrounds we’ve stayed at so far. It has everything, is quiet, in the woods, has mountains and plenty of hiking trails, which we are spending plenty of time exploring. Hershey – The Wonder Dog is a great hiking partner. He likes to lead the way as he sniffs us along; he’s cute and funny when he jumps over fallen trees or stops and turns back to smell something.

The are lots of robins and finches flying around or pecking at the ground. The squirrels, by far, outnumber the campers in the campground. There are baby squirrels, little fellas about six inches long and big, bushy tails and they can’t run quite as fast as mom and dad. As I write this, I just look up and see these happy creatures right outside my window. Their antics always brings a smile to my face.

Did I mention we’ve had lots and lots of rain and some pretty cool thunderstorms? No? Well, we have and it’s great! Hershey and I have done some our best hiking in the rain and neither of us cared about being wet.

Day 16 dawns with plenty of exciting things to do. There’s a first time for everything so I’m going to try my hand at rock-climbing, rappelling, and make myself jump off the tower and ride down the mountain on a zipline. Yea, we’ll see how that one works out.

This adventure has been great. So peaceful, so relaxing, so intentional because of learning something new. We’ve come a long way, baby!

Now, let’s go have some fun!



2 thoughts on “The Big Adventure – Day 15

  1. I’m envious in spite of the setbacks. What a wonderful experience, just you and your faithful four-legged companion. Such an exciting opportunity to learn about yourself and your inner-strength. I’m glad that you’re safe from all the flooding.

  2. Thanks, Dawn. Can’t complain about the mechanical failure because yes, Texas and Oklahoma would be where we were heading. Glad things worked out. Thanks for your kind words and commenting! 🙂


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