The Big Adventure – Day 16

DSC_0673There’s some places where you just feel comfortable and at home and this place happens to be one of them. So I decided to stay around for a few more days. Besides, the rain and thunderstorms had messed around with some of the outdoor plans, which leaves us plenty of time to hike on the marked trails around here. Yep, in the rain, too.


Gypsy – The Cherokee

I did have to move Gypsy from Point A to Point B but that wasn’t a problem. Hooking up and unhooking again just gives me another chance to increase my experience. Plus, lo and behold, this would be my first ‘back in’ site. Everything before has been drive-thru, which seems pretty common in these KOA campgrounds that I’ve visited. So I checked out the new digs, made a plan on how to get exactly where I needed to be, put a big stick on the ground as a reference point I could see in the mirror and proceeded to back that baby in her spot. Took a few tries but I wanted her to be perfectly straight in her little home, and she is! Success achieved! The KOA owner stopped by and said, “Wow, you don’t need any help. You’ve got this!” Oh yea! I’ve got this. Even gave myself a little pat on the back for a job really well done.

DSC_0628We’ve had rain and thunderstorms for days but always manage to find something interesting to do outside of the campground. Hiking in the rain is a given; it’s just so silent and peaceful to be in the forest and listening to the drops as they come through the canopy and land on the leaves. Our footsteps are silent; well, except for Hershey when he does the sniff and scratch test, but even that is muffled by the soggy moisture. Some people dance in the rain but you could say we hike in the rain. After a while, a mist or fog arises and we are in ethereal territory. Having a vivid imagination, I’m waiting for the fairies or trolls to make an appearance and really set Hershey off.

In the late afternoon, we decided to explore the mountain behind us so off we went, soggy clothes and fur and everything. Ended up in an awesome state park with two RV campgrounds, a Yurt village, primitive camping, miles upon miles of hiking trails and waterfalls. Took the scenic route around some of the park until we stopped to see what we could see, and wow, could we see a lot. I could hear a waterfall way down in the canyon but couldn’t see it. The sound of a waterfall is right up there with the sound of a bubbling stream — peaceful. I searched with the camera zoom until I finally found a single spot of water on rock so I would have some idea exactly where it was at. Actually, there are two waterfalls but I couldn’t see anything for the trees and rocks. It was too late and getting too dark to go traipsing off 1,200 feet down the mountain to see the waterfall so that’s on the list, along with camping in that state park.

Looking down the canyon

Looking down the canyon

Did I mention how quiet it was? Everything is all green, flowers are blooming, people are friendly and life is good. No, life is great! This ‘camping chick’ is a ‘happy camper.’

Except for my kiddo and Baby Girl, I don’t think about what I’ve left behind. Real friends and family will always be friends and family if it’s real, so it shouldn’t matter where you are just as long as you are where you need to be.

I see a mountain and I know where I need to be at that time. Being on that mountain clears the mind of all the grungies, changing your thoughts so you can ‘see clearly now’ as the rain comes down. The fog and mist soon envelope you in a hug that let’s you know it’s all okay, you’re fine and safe here (barring any hidden snakes, of course). You’ve come home whether it’s for a day, a week, a season or forever. You’ll always have a place here. It’s in you, it’s in your blood, it’s in your very heart and soul.


Life goes on

Back to reality again – once again, this adventure has been one of the best experiences of my life. I have learned so much in the seventeen days I have been gone from the Eastern Shore and my home state. Speaking of which, I haven’t been in my home state in seventeen days – and I don’t miss it.

Tomorrow will be a Zero day with general housekeeping duties, laundry and relaxing by the pool until the storms pop up. Then we’ll ride, find beautiful spots, take pics that I don’t have to delete and enjoy the beautiful land around us that rises towards the sky like they are worshipping God.

The mountains – the most spiritual place I have ever been.




8 thoughts on “The Big Adventure – Day 16

  1. My Friend, The Laughing Nanny – What JOY you bring with this latest post. Your thinking/writing/observation is more profound than I believe you are aware of. You teach/enlighten and I am most grateful. Truly you have no idea the gift you are! Continued beauty and contentment wished for you! ❤ Fran

    • Fran, thank you for the kind words. I cannot claim to be a writer but I do realize the importance of making sure things are written down, hoping someone will get something from mere words. If I have achieved that only once then I have succeeded. Thank you!

      ❤ S

  2. I completely agree with Fran. And, the mountains and water are spiritual places for me, too. There’s a place close to where we live called Bald Rock, it’s just down from Caesar’s Head, and that place is absolutely magical for me every single time I go.

    • Sometimes, I don’t think many folks get that ‘special’ feeling that comes with things of nature. I see you ladies do. Thanks for commenting, Dawn. I might have to check out Bald Rock. Sounds like a plan to me. 🙂

      • It’s a small place, kind of between North and South Carolina on Hwy 276. Bervard, NC is not far from it and from there you can get on the Blue Ridge Parkway (you have to stop and eat at the Fish Camp while you’re there). Also worth seeing in NC, the Biltmore House. It’s lovely!

        All of that is within driving distance of Cherokee, NC. If you enjoy Native American experiences, it’s worth finding a camp site there to explore.

      • Thanks for the heads up, especially the Fish Camp! Love to eat! I’ll make plans to see the sights when I head in that direction. Again, thanks! I really appreciate it!

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