The Big Adventure – Day 20

This is my last day at this particular camp before I move on to wherever I decide to go next.

This one has probably been the most peaceful, beautiful, scenic, friendly of all the ones I’ve been to so far. It’s also the longest I have stayed in one place, if that gives you an idea of how much I’ve enjoyed it.

The owners are amazing. A young couple……. well, forty-something (so he says), that decided to give up the rat race while their kids were small and the economy went bust. He wanted to watch his kids grow up but more than that, he wanted to be able to spend every day working together with his lovely wife. How sweet is that? One incident led him to the decision that changed their lives for the better but I can’t remember exactly how that story went. Regardless, both knows everything about the campground and yes, it is literally working together, including their kids, who are much older now. Maybe the love they have for each other and this place is what makes it so special. I don’t know but special it is.

Campers are interesting also. They come in with large motor homes, usually towing a vehicle behind it. Then there are the trucks with travel trailers, or cars, vans, etc., with peeps that stay in the little cabins. I’ve also discovered that there are ‘travelers’ that work at different KOA’s and spend time helping out and getting paid, then moving on to their next assignment. That sounds like fun to me. There’s also those that come in because they have a job to do in the local area and choose to set up their camper for a week or two or a month or however long it takes to complete the current job before moving on to another one in some other state. Apparently, there are a lot of power plants around here and shutting them down brings lots of business to the campgrounds. It’s a lot easier and cheaper living in your own space with your own privacy than renting a hotel room.

Then there are the ‘mama’ campers. Dad (or some man with a big truck) brings the travel trailer, hooks it all up nice and neat, and leaves the three mama’s alone with about ten kids. Well, not quite that many but it sure sounds like it when they are all running through the RV at the same time! They eat and they play in the pool. That’s it. Eat and swim. Having the time of their lives.

Nobody is arguing or fussing or cursing or out of the way at all. There’s plenty of doggie’s in the neighborhood and Hershey feels it’s his responsibility to meet and greet every one he see’s. Oh and it hurts his feelings so bad if I don’t take him out for the meet and greet! He gets plenty of playtime so I’m don’t feel too sorry for him.

On to one more place before heading back to the Eastern Shore for the scheduled obligations I have and to see that sweet Baby Girl I love so much. She’ll be two years old in a few days and I don’t know where the time went. Maybe she’s having a birthday party and I don’t know about it. That’s how they roll. I just wonder. My kiddo is 27 and I’m still can’t believe how fast the time flew by.

No big adventures the past couple of days since the Extreme adventure. But I know where a few more of those places are and yep, I’m going to be giving them a try sometime in the not to distant future.

I still have some long-term plans to make and I would like to include those I love but it’s been ‘out of sight, out of mind.’ Quite a shame when I’ve texted and called frequently only to get no answer or reply. Makes it easy but still, it’s kind of hard on the soft heart. However, I’m tougher than I gave myself credit for and I’ve proved that to myself this past month.

Maybe one day soon the perfect plan will pop in my mind but I don’t think that’s quite how it works. I know how I feel and I like the feeling.

So, to all of you that take the time to read these simple words that I pen not so eloquently, thank you for taking the time to read them. It is appreciated.




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