The Big Adventure – Day 30

Thoughts are drowning because…

The end of the line is looming in the near future.

It’s hard for me to believe we’ve been away for this long but The Big Adventure, or at least this go around, will be over Monday. Thirty-four days worth of learning and it seems like it all started just yesterday.

We’ll be leaving early in the morning to head to another campground, heading in the direction I do not want to go. So I’m planning to fill Saturday and Sunday with lots of fun and good memories to get through the next month at the Eastern Shore. Truth be known, there wouldn’t be any returning at all if it weren’t for prior obligations so I made the right choice. I just don’t like it.

The campgrounds have been interesting – there was only one that I didn’t like because I wasn’t ‘comfortable’ and another that had an employee who forever walked around me with a frown on his face, making me think he has this negative impression of women in general, self-sufficient women, or women with campers, especially if one should ask him a question.

Me? I’m glad of all I’ve learned and have found some things, by observing others, that I could do during the down time to make some things easier for me in the long run. Some people are very creative and you don’t have to ‘buy’ something to make something else work better. I’ve also found out that 32’ is quite a long camper; it doesn’t look it until you put it on a lot in which both Gypsy – The Cherokee and Miss Ellie – The Tundra, must share. I know what type of lot Gypsy will and/or will not go into. Like some experienced soul told me — if you don’t think it’s going to work, don’t do it. (For me, that means if I can’t do it by myself, it can’t be done). Glad to realize there are a lot more helping souls out there instead of hindering souls. You ask someone for help, you can best believe you’ll get it.

I never made it to where I had originally intended to go but that’s okay. After the mechanical failure, I decided it would be best to stay east of the Mississippi River until I worked out all the kinks and felt much more comfortable with towing than I was feeling. Another thing is all the rain and flooding in Oklahoma and Texas. If we had not had mechanical failure when we did, we would have been somewhere in the middle of Texas’ Hill Country, the Dallas/Ft Worth/Arlington metroplex or Oklahoma City and the Panhandle. Sometime or another I must have done something right because even though I wasn’t happy having a camper I couldn’t tow without a new part, the wait did keep us away from the flooding and tornadoes. However, we have had some very incredible thunderstorms in the places we have been and that makes everything a-okay!

It’s hard to explain what’s good and what’s not so good but on this trip, I found a place that my heart and soul attached itself to. It fit me and I fit in; second time that’s happened to me and the first time was not a mistake. When the same feeling comes a second time in your life, you keep it near your heart. Not anywhere close to seeing all their is to see yet but I know that feeling is in other places and I intend to find them.

Besides, we only live once and I’m doing just that with whatever time I have left.




4 thoughts on “The Big Adventure – Day 30

  1. I have enjoyed sharing in your wide open road adventure! It’s sounds like its been a soul cleansing experience,, we should all be so lucky to take at least one in our life!

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