On The Road Again – Part 2

I have stayed at various campgrounds, in various states, in various conditions since May 13th. That’s been over two months of experimenting with a new way of life. The general consensus is I like it. A lot. Doesn’t hurt a bit I purchased the campground discount card either; I get a discount for every night’s stay and, with all my stays and discounts earned, I’m way up the list of VIP status with points earned and soon, I’ll have a week of free nights available. Yes, KOA is still the campground of choice because most are monitored constantly, well maintained, relatively safe and are truly a family campground, not a party spot.

Since starting this long-distance camping project, I’ve gotten into a groove. Rushing for Point A to Point B to Point C to Point D is not for me. What I like is two, maybe three different campgrounds a week unless there’s a very specific reason for me to be at one spot for a while, like some fun plans I’ve made ahead of time. Plus, too much, too quick doesn’t leave any time to ‘get the feel of things,’ one of the most important things about camping to me. It just puts things in a rush.

Hershey and I love to explore (yes, he’s like his doggie mama) and if there’s some reason we can’t or don’t leave the campground, there’s plenty to do at the campground, each one being a little different. One thing that doesn’t change is the people. They are interesting no matter which campground you decide to call home for a few days.

Well, let me be more clear – there are critters, too. Right this very minute (and the previous 30 minutes), I’ve listened to the yappiest doggie ever! I don’t think he has stopped to take a breath since he started his campground serenade. Oh, such music to the ears. Yea, I’m laughing at that one. Poor Hershey hasn’t moved a muscle, batted an eyelash or woke up from his nap. Yep, he’s completely tuned out the yappy doggie! Ha! That’s my Hershey. Guess he’s getting used to the variety of yappy pooches he’s been exposed to the past couple of months.

Back to the story – people watching. Been doing it for a couple of months or so now. At first, I was kind of quiet, keeping to myself while exploring the surroundings. I’d spend lots of time inspecting the many different type of RV’s and the other ways people enjoyed the great outdoors. I spent a lot of time looking at water and sewer lines, checking to see how people made do or made better what they had to work with. A great learning experience. I’d check the towing devices to see if anyone had centerline sway bars like mine. I observed anything and everything to do with campers to see if anything could or would be an improvement to my own Gypsy.

I’d have to utilize the camp store to check in and out, used the laundry services as needed, visited the pool when there weren’t so many kids, parents and grandparents around. Like I said, I kept mainly to myself except for our many exploring or hiking excursions.

However, it didn’t take long before I was visiting the camp store and chatting with the owners and employees. I began to know them and they began to know me in a short period of time. I found each group at each campground to be very interesting. I’d chit-chat with campers if we happened to be at the right place at the right time. People are interesting. There are the working campers, the couple campers, the family campers, the grandparent campers (a LOT of grandparent campers), and each camper drives or tows a different type of rig. And everybody has a doggie or two….. or four. Even kitties.

There are tents (I spent many, many years primitive camping and it was the best adventure ever), little travel trailers, big travel trailers, vans, very small motor homes and then the motor homes I think must cost a million bucks! I saw one young couple, no kids attached, pull in with the biggest of all granddaddy motor homes. I declare, my first thought was how in the world could they afford it? Then I notice the license plates – a lot of those big motor homes are from northern states or Florida. I talked with one man recently who told me he and his wife were full-time RV’ers. They had a motor home and that was their home, also. Been doing it for six years with no intentions of stopping. They loved it. I love it, too.

I find that some are like me… they tend to keep to themselves but don’t mind chatting along the way. Just general information in a world of madness, where we have taken small steps to get away from it for a while. Nature and the peace that goes along with it.

Even in this little spot of peace, you can’t be too careful with what you say and who you choose to talk to. I will talk with anyone (unless that sixth sense kicks in) but general conversation only is the way I go and apparently, others, too.

Sometimes it’s a little lonely not to be able to share and share alike but being and staying safe, especially in my position, is never too far down in my subconscious.




2 thoughts on “On The Road Again – Part 2

  1. Sounds like you are, as usual, enjoying life.

    I’ve always been a people-watcher, too. I like seeing how different people do things. You never know when you might learn a new trick or method of doing things.

    Glad Hershey is adjusting.

    • It’s quite a different life and it’s easy and hard at the same time. I just try to go with the flow and control only what I can. Hershey is an awesome buddy to have around. It would be might lonely if he weren’t with me. 🙂

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