On The Road Again – Part 4

Summertime is best enjoyed in an beautiful, naturally green area where people don’t quite understand what ‘hot’ really means. Oh, don’t get me wrong; it’s hot out here, a whole 90 degrees worth, but it feels so much different than it did on the Eastern Shore.

To be honest, this heat actually feels good. It’s nice to sleep at night without the a/c. As always, Hershey and I fight over the covers. Nothing new there. All you have to do is cool the camper down as the sun starts dropping behind the trees and voila, no a/c at night. That’s when the cicadas start to sing. The natural evening choir and my music have a running race each evening to see which ‘tune’ can be the loudest and since I observe the rules, the cicadas always win.

It’s nice to get things done and be relaxed while doing it; however, this has been a really strange week. We were planning to head out Tuesday but I started feeling off-kilter. No matter I was good and tired from the long haul to get here but that’s different than being off-kilter. It happens sometimes. Actually, it’s happening more than sometimes, more this trip than the last one.

I can’t do anything about it until the body decides it’s ready to come back to life. Usually, it’s about a day and a half before the energy comes back and I can think and focus again. This time, it was almost three days. Three days of sleep, bathroom breaks for us, and cooking something because regardless, I feel I need the fuel and plenty of it during these times. Thank goodness I keep a well-stocked kitchen with plenty of fresh vegetables, homemade greek yogurt, plenty of organic olive oil and coconut oil, popsicles for fluid and the occasional pint of ice cream for the fat.

I’m sure it’s weight related…again. Became a 108 lb. pumpkin while on the Eastern Shore and now at 102 lbs. Before, I felt the best at 101 lbs.; anything 100 lbs. and below fizzled me out like a dead firecracker and I’d have to do what I’ve done this week… sleep it off. And eat. Now is seems like the body is having to find the right weight again and doing me in during the process.

I ate enough yesterday to kill a small cow. I even cooked and ate one whole block of tofu. I cooked three meals and ate everything I cooked. And I weighed 102 lbs this morning? I feel like I’m playing ‘Ring Around the Rosie’ with my body and keep falling in the grass.

No matter. I’m used to it.

I’m not, however, used to my friends that are much sicker than me. I’ve friends that have had accidents recently that have changed the entire course of their existence, I’ve other friends with cancer – one of which who has battled cancer for at least 20 years and recently decided no more, I’ve two friends who have recently had heart attacks (and they are my age), I have friends with Diabetes, RA, Myotonic Dystrophy, grief from the loss of losing someone they’ve loved and God knows what else. All I know to do for these friends is think about them, offer prayers for their health and well-being and hope there will always be someone there for them. Not something to be done for fame or fortune or even to give you inner peace; it’s all about each of them and their needs; and what can “I” do to make their life a little bit better? IS there anything I can do to make their lives a little bit better? When I was on the Eastern Shore, I could go visit or vise-versa. I cannot do that on the road so I have to be creative, which I’m not. So they’re always in my heart and soul. When I’m thinking about those special people, I’m not thinking about me, only them. Yet still, so much of the time I don’t know what to do.

With that said, it seems like I’ve spent the past days just thinking of me. Not really true, of course, but off-kilter days that require me to be still and sleep makes my mind feel like an overflowing file cabinet. On good days, the file cabinet is neat, organized and prioritized.

So Monday, barring any unforeseen circumstances, we’ll be leaving for new territory, blazing new trails, see what’s out there, find different people, enjoy life.

Inside, just underneath the surface, are all those wonderful friends that I keep in my heart and soul. They help keep things positive and in proper perspective.




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