On The Road Again – Part 6

Being stuck in Mississippi for five or so additional days because Wonder Woman was taking the trailer hitch off really laid up the plans. However, it couldn’t be helped. I’m doing this by myself which means I still have to do it by myself. Besides, I do it every day and don’t think I’d trust anybody else to couple the trailer and truck together, and add the centerline anti-sway bars. Yea, just a little picky about that.

Hershey was a good sport while doggie mama laid around or hobbled around for food, the potty and taking him outside. That was tough! He is heavier than he looks! Had to pick him up while down on my knees and grab the door hand to stand up. After a week of those NSAID’s that I’m not to take, most of the pain is gone. Hopefully, it will get better with time. Still, not going to stop me from hooking up to go adventuring.

We left the Mississippi camp early and headed into Arkansas. New places, new roads, new views. All you have to do is smile and it’s reciprocated. A beautiful state but could tell that it had been through and probably was still going through some tough times. Was this the place? I didn’t know but it’s out there somewhere.

We stopped at the campground after dark. I found my lot, pulled in, grabbed the power plug and whoops, no power. I finangled things around like I usually do to get things to work but the power just did not work. Plus, there was no lighting nearby and I wasn’t having much luck with the flashlight – add that to the fact my back was hurting so bad I was almost in tears. Made my decision; I pulled camper and truck up to the front office, parked, opened the windows and we slept the night away. Expected a banging on the door first thing in the morning but that didn’t happen. Of course, when I told the owner why I was there and what happened, the power worked. The second male I have dealt with that had an attitude I think based on the fact that a woman is doing something a woman should be doing. They’re around, and I’ve run across two of them so far.

Parked, hooked up and never left the campground. Had to fix the back or else I wouldn’t be able to manage. Another change of plans. Ho hum. However, it does teach patience and also, the back feels very sore instead of stabbing pain. Did what I had to do but wow, was I ever so ready to get away from that campground. It definitely is not on my list of “Places to Stay” again.

So we didn’t see any of the sights or visit any of the historical locations that were close by. What I was thinking was ‘Oh boy, Oklahoma is only 13 miles away!”

That was exciting. I was getting us closer to where I had always wanted to be – wide open spaces. I just didn’t realize ‘what’ wide open spaces really meant until I saw it. After crossing the state line, I couldn’t quit saying, “Oh my gosh” over and over again, all the way across Oklahoma.

Meanwhile, I’ve stopped here for now. Have to return east for those obligations.

I don’t want to, at all. I will be back in a few weeks.

It feels good here. It fits.

And I have a friend.




2 thoughts on “On The Road Again – Part 6

  1. So hate to hear that the Laughing Nanny’s back is causing such a time of not laughing. So LOVE to hear all of your adventures – especially beauty and happiness found. Your admiring friend, Fran

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