On The Road Again – Part 7

The stay in Oklahoma completely swept my heart and soul away, leaving it right there amongst the prairies and the plains. How could a ‘place’ from my childhood dreams and imaginations actually be a real place? Well, it was. Right there, in all its majestic glory.

Oklahoma Praire

I can hear it being said now….. ‘There’s nothing out there.’ Oh, I beg to differ. Small, rolling hills with even smaller trees making wide open spaces with very few homes, lots of dirt roads, plenty of cows and the occasional ranch and oil rig sliding by.

Oklahoma Route 66Found Route 66 is the way to travel if you want to get to the heart of the beauty, and beauty it was to these old eyes. There were tears, happy tears, knowing something out there was really real and maybe it wasn’t because of my imagination or wishful thinking on my part. I just didn’t realize it existed, this place dreams are made of.

Wide open spaces, the plains and all that entails, plenty of red clay and lots of red roads, people and homes separated by miles and miles of pasture, cows everywhere, clay red trucks with ‘cattle pushers’ on the front to push only God knows what, sunrises and sunsets that had to be some of the most beautiful ones I have ever seen.

Still, I couldn’t believe it was real – but it was and I was constantly seeing it.

Oklahoma SunriseDidn’t take but a day and it was on to Texas. Oklahoma was the stopping point but I kept on going with the truck. Too many things to see, too much land to look at, so many cows and ranches and a few more oil rigs. Still, not many people. Houses and ranches still miles and miles apart. It was magical, and humbling.

Silence and solitude. How lucky can one be? I’m talking about those people, the ones that live this life. Do they feel the same way about their home as I do? It makes me wonder. To some, that’s all they know and wouldn’t have it any other way. Others, I’m guessing, would want a more social life around social events with a variety of people and a big city. Me? I could fix a dugout on a hill and live the rest of my time perfectly content.

When I hear people say things like, “There’s nothing out there,” I automatically know it’s probably going to be some place I’ll love to be. Whether I received that bug from my adopted farmer dad or the genetics from the biological parents, I don’t know. It could be just me, my own life. I do know that the words, “There’s nothing out there” mean something out there is some kind of beautiful.

Oklahoma Sunset

I put off leaving Oklahoma for three days. I shed a few tears each day because I didn’t want to leave. Period. At all. Almost to the point of leaving Gypsy and Miss Ellie behind and Hershey and I hopping a plane instead. But no, that wasn’t going to work, not this time anyway.

We finally left the campground for the long trek East. Once again, I ‘oh my gollied’ all the way to Oklahoma City, where the land changed again. Then on to Arkansas, Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, Asheville until…….. the Eastern Shore. A long, tiring and, truth be known, emotional drive. I took great pleasure in the Western NC, North GA, Eastern TN mountains, as always, but the rest….. I missed Oklahoma and it’s beautiful, unpopulated land.

I wouldn’t trade all I’ve seen, done or experienced the past four months for anything.

A most awesome learning experience that I do not and will never regret.



Hershey and I


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