What Day Is It?

Really, what day is it?

Since February had an extra day this year and on a Monday, no less, this whole week has been out of sync. Okay, truth be known the whole week hasn’t been out of sync but my brain certainly has been.

March is a super busy month with all kinds of appointments and only one obligation, thank goodness, but enough stuff is going on I’m looking forward to April.

What started out as a perfectly organized calendar for the month of March turned into several days of showing up at offices when there wasn’t as appointment scheduled for that day. The dates were fine; I just showed up on the wrong day. At least I was ahead of schedule instead of behind.

One office has seen me walk in for an appointment three different days when the appointment was actually scheduled for the next day each time. Golly, how embarrassing is that? Actually, it’s not. It’s funny as heck and not only did I get a good laugh, the ladies behind the glass couldn’t help but laugh with me.

I think that extra day we had Monday must have been possessed or something. I mean the calendar and everything written in it, both dates and days, were correct. My mind had the right date but had the wrong day. And I surely don’t want to start this week over again just to fix it!

I’m not going to blame this on the ‘dork’ status that I use occasionally (although we know that does happen occasionally and hey, I’m good with it), but instead blame it on the med change-up my doc and I discussed and started me on Monday. Been prescribed another drug to decrease and slowly eliminate two drugs; however, she said it would ‘zing’ me and I guess it ‘zinged’ me in the day department. That’s so funny to me. She also gave me another med to counteract the ‘zinging’ during this time and said for me to take those religiously, which I have not, hence the day issue. My gawsh, that’s even funnier! Maybe I should listen and follow her instructions instead of doing it my way? Hmm….. might be a good idea in this case since I have another week and a half to go. Oh dear!

Even better news than lost days and ‘zinging meds is the fact that it will and has already put me on the path to quit smoking! Now that right there is quite an accomplishment. I took the first ‘zinging’ pill Monday. By that afternoon, a smoke tasted horrible and that’s bad news for a smoker. Since Monday, I have cut down tremendously on the smoking and recently told a friend that I wouldn’t be surprised if I had quit completely by the end of the week, if not before. Yea, I’ll admit it. I’m a little excited about this turn of events. I’m really looking forward to taking less prescribed drugs and really glad that I’m finally on the right regime of supplements and vitamins that seem to be working and very seldom making me sick. Plus, no more cigarettes. Yes!

So, if all of this is accomplished because I have the days screwed up because Monday was possessed, then I’m happy it’s turned out this way.






2 thoughts on “What Day Is It?

  1. HOORAY for you Nanny! So glad to hear about the smoking or I should say the not smoking. What’s a few screwed up days?? I thought Wednesday was Thursday and then thought Thursday was Wednesday – there really must be something in the air! Perhaps the Leprechauns are already up to mischief!! Take care, dear one.

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