The Girls Only Weekend

Let’s face it; Nanny is getting old. Where did all the energy go that was there while chasing a young son around for 18 years of life? Then chasing him around still for the next 10 years? It sure didn’t hang around long, not with all those granddaughters and their antics, which was non-stop for 52 hours. Whew! What a weekend!

Picked both of them up late Friday afternoon from their respective daycares and decided we were eating out. No siree, it was Friday night and perfect for someone else to cook us some grilled cheese sandwiches. Good thing we all love grilled cheese sandwiches because they’re quick and easy to fix, taste so good and nothing is left on the plate. Truth be known, we could probably eat them for every meal and be perfectly happy doing it.

Took our time and it was after dark when we pulled in the driveway at the homeplace. In my mind was one thought rolling around… bedtime… bedtime… bedtime. Ahh, blessed bedtime. Of course there was the million things to do before we made it that far, the toys that needed to be played with, pj’s to put on and the forever question of “Are you sure you brushed your teeth?”

Finally, they were in the bed with Miss Priss on the top bunk and Baby Girl on the bottom bunk. Ten minutes later, Nanny was in the bed with Baby Girl, enjoying that special time to be with her before she fell asleep. Ha! Sleep? Did not happen soon. She talked for the next hour or so. And expected me to talk back and answer her! Miss Priss is already sacked out and Little Sister keeps running off at the mouth! Oh goodness, is she ever going to sleep, I thought with a grin?

Saturday dawned bright and early as I lay there listening to the Little Ladies sleeping but that didn’t last long. The upper bunk began to move… the bottom bunk had a Baby Girl head on my stomach with arms wrapped all around me. Then she looked up and smiled a big, sleepy smile. I melted. It was so sweet. But the early morning sleepy peace soon came to an end. Daylight was burning and it was time to play!

They both quickly dressed (that a whole different story in itself) and out the backdoor we went. “Nana… Nana… Nana…” If I heard Nana once, I heard it 300 times in the next two hours. Riding bikes, jumping on the trampoline, walking Hershey – the Wonderdog, feeding Gina, the sweet pit bull. Quite a busy morning before breakfast.


Busy Little Ladies

That’s how the rest of the day went until we went out to the local church for family night. Kids, kids and more kids. My grandkiddos had a blast playing with their cousins and friends. Also, they were happy to see their other grandparents. Yea, those girls love to play and Nanny was…. you guessed it… exhausted! Plus neither had had a nap that day. Yippee! This night would be different!

We arrived home way after dark, did the nightly routine and in the bed they went. I did not hear the first peep or movement from either one of them – they fell asleep just that quick. Whew! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Ten minutes later, Nana was in the bed with Baby Girl and it was lights out. Ahh…. blessed peace at last.

Sunday, they scraggled out of bed after 9 a.m., unlike the early-bird risers from the day before. Again, it was breakfast to eat and outside to play. Rain. Phooey. That put a slight damper on things but it soon ended and the sun came out. Later on we jumped in the truck and rode to O-town to walk around and look at the big boats. That was a big hit. Lucky for me the girls like to go walking and hiking and always enjoy the new stuff we find to do outside. Miss Priss told me she doesn’t like to watch tv and she and Baby Girl like/want to do yoga. Oh gosh, they’re killing me! Not really, they just have SO! MUCH! ENERGY! 

I really enjoyed the time I had with just the girls for company but I’ll admit it sure felt good to get back to my humble abode. Later, I texted my kiddo and thanked him for asking me to keep them this past weekend and how much I enjoyed it. He replied with a thank you, and I love you BUT I needed to quit sleeping with the girls because they’ve had trouble the past two nights getting Baby Girl to sleep.

Me? I laughed. Why? Because the girls and I had obviously made some happy memories together.

Oh well…





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