Daily Prompt ~ Sanctuary

Daily Prompt ~ Sanctuary

The lad took off running. To nowhere, anywhere, somewhere that wasn’t here, footsteps landing silent on the wet grass.

Run. That’s all there was to do. The top of the ridge was so close even though it was shrouded by a heavy, gray midst the little mind and body so desperately sought. “Just a little bit farther,” was the thought, as the uphill running and adrenaline were beginning to wear off.

“Just three… two… one… ,” steps left as the summit of the ridge was reached, draped in a mist as gentle and fine as a lady’s wedding dress.

No time to stop. Hurry!

“For certain this is a dream.” Or is it? There’s no beginning. “Why.” Don’t know but just keep running. What you’re after is down there somewhere.

Heading down a path seen only with those eyes, easing gently over rocks to avert any sound, onward the little lad goes. He ponders the dream as he runs, wondering why is this happening? Why does this keep happening? He wonders what it is about the dream he is so desperately after. Then is has a staggering thought; “Is this really a dream?” What if… all this in his mind as he keeps running, jumping over logs that are settling back into the earth, swatting away limbs and leaves from his face, always enveloped in the dense and eerily beautiful mist that seems to guide his way to nowhere, anywhere, somewhere.

At that moment, the veil lifts and the lad floats through, the veil closing behind him, leaving him in a space of ethereal beautiful. A flowing stream, a gentle waterfall, a rocky beach and, most precious of all, the natural bed made of vines that have intertwined over the years to make a safe haven to rest.

The little lad knew what he was supposed to do. He crawled up into the little bed made of vines like he had done a thousand times before and felt the peace and safety of his sanctuary before quickly drifting off into a dreamless sleep.

He awoke. At home. In his own bed. And cried.

“Come back, dream. Come back.”





The Daily Post: The Devil is in the Details Assignment

She was alone.

Peace within a thought so simple as that.

Glancing out the window of her own world, she noticed the fire ant hill had sunk to ground level from the heaviest rain of previous days, the mound which had stood higher than the ground has splashed down to nothingness with the green grass, soon to become inactive as the cooler air of fall crept in.

Bright, sparkling green in the cloudiness of early morning; dew or rain slowly making it’s way down the leaves of flora. Drip, drip, drip; slowly dripping the precious drops of live-giving fluid back to the earth. A cycle really, one used over and over again since the beginning of time. The earth gives and the earth receives. The cloudy, drippy morning was doing the most natural thing in the world, rejuvenating the earth; it was almost like she could feel the energy movement taking place outside, being revived to life.

No gentle breeze interrupted the steady drip, drip, drip of the sustenance needed to sustain life as she knew it. The steady fall of rain, the steady drip, drip, drip of the earth drinking this life-giving fluid. A cat drifts by her view and drinks from a bowl of fresh rainwater. She wonders if this life-giving fluid from the heavens is as special to the feline as it is to earth, wonders if this kitty will have nine lives.

The sun begins to peek through the clouds; the dew begins to evaporate back into the air, getting ready for another rainstorm sometime in the not too distant future. Instead of bright, sparkling green, the world is lit up with moments of sunshine which seem to change the color of the plants. They were all smiling at the world, smiling at each other, knowing their purpose in the grand scheme of things and sharing it proudly.

Mother Sun soon slid back behind her hiding place and the world was bright, sparkly green again. But the plants, the flora, still had a slight, sunshiny smile as they continued their drip, drip, drip of life-giving fluid.

Peace within a thought so simple as that.

She was alone.

The Daily Post – The Devil is in the Details / Assignment

Weekly Photo Challenge – Sea

Sea. What kind of emotions does the sea or ocean make you feel? Do you remember the first time you went in the water? Had a wave crash on you? Felt the sand burn your feet? Do you feel more peaceful around water? Do you hate the beach? What’s the most interesting thing about the sea for you?

Lots of questions, lots of interpretations. Show me the different sides of Sea with your contribution!

In a new post specifically for this challenge, share a photo which means SEA to you!

SEA – Weekly Photo Challenge

I don’t remember the first time I went to the big water – I’ve lived on the Atlantic coast (Eastern Shore) all of my life, with it’s many rivers, streams, tributaries all around. Water is a way of life, a way many make a living, by tradition, that’s quickly being swept away in the tide with more and more regulations.

2-C3F71C2F-1407462-800Every person on the Eastern Shore has some connection with the ocean, whether they like it’s beauty or not. It’s still a part of everyone’s life, engrained in the soul, in the form of beauty or of tragedy. Standing in the hot, burning sand on a scorching summer day, a gentle breeze is always blowing, clearing away the cobwebs in the mind. Watching the waves and hearing them crash upon the shore is mesmerizing, until you are aware of only yourself and the ocean. It’s power. A much greater power. Something that will grab you by your feet and pull you under. Something that must be respected because, although it’s beautiful, the ocean will take. You realize there is something much greater in this world than you yet there’s a feeling of oneness, only you, at the mercy of the big water. The great power of moving liquid can churn  and swell and destruct like no other natural disaster. The force of this giant waves crash the lives of many, causing so much destruction, so much unwanted acceptance.

2-37663E57-895045-800There are too many photos to show what the sea really means to me but let it suffice to say that ‘power’ is the most important way to describe it, either verbal or photo or silence. It is straight up power, a force that cannot be tamed. Power of the sea grows exponentially when a tropical storm or hurricane comes knocking on our door. Irene brought too much damage and destruction: pictures of tragedy I don’t wish to share. But Sandy, first a tropical storm (blowing by here) and then a hurricane, left our little world with a nice chance to experience the full force of the ocean’s potential power with a much less chance of danger.


People, including myself, love to walk along the beach during a storm such as this. Surfers are diehard wave runners that see no obstacle in riding the special gifts provided by the stormy sea. These people are wild and free, and you are living that exact moment vicariously through them. They feel it, the power, and you feel it. The strength of something way bigger than you and you beat it. You hope. The sea is churning, the waves are crashing, you are looking, they are riding – all with water around your feet, sand in your eyes, hearing only the wind and surf.


The sea is a whole different world. No matter how many people there are around, you are alone with only the sea.

And that’s okay.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Sea

Daily Writing Prompt – Sneaky?

Take a guess. You be the judge! Answer will be at the end.

Kiddo Adventures – The Midnight Right (original post 08-28-13)

Ever since Facebook told me I was a bandit for copyright infringement (my first and only family ‘movie’ using a hit song for background music), I’ve reflected on……. the dark side! I mean really, I’ve been traumatized. I’m the YouTube queen and I now have this thing about watching a YouTube video and it’s worse when I want to share it! It makes me think that somebody in a black suit and shades is going to show up at the door and I’ll never be heard from again! Let’s see, where was I… back to the dark side. A mom’s purpose is to raise the kiddos to be responsible, respectable people who are socially acceptable  within our societal guidelines. Normal, I’d say, if I really understood the definition of normal. However, fail. Epic fail!

Especially when I agreed to go along for the ride.

As any moral, upstanding parent will attest, you can’t blame kids for wrongdoing if you take part in the alleged incident. But you can wonder where and how he came up with such wonderful ideas of misadventures to partake in. My guess is it’s genetic, from the paternal side of course, which left me free and clear to partake in said activities freely. I knew for a fact I did not have a bandit mind in my body.

You see, down the Dirt Road a piece, on the Eastern Shore, is a pretty little golf course near the river. Nothing like that fresh, tangy smell of salt water. The course was nice and hilly, with green, green grass that makes you want to kick off your flip flops and feel the cool earth under your feet, or lay on the hill and roll down. A most perfect little spot, visited by many from around the world but, (darn, there’s always a but in there somewhere), not to be walked on except when golfing. Golfing is serious business!

We’d take these nightly excursions, kiddo and I and a dog named Cowboy, of riding around our blessedly quiet neighborhood in the golf cart, almost noiseless except for the gentle breeze blowing by our ears. Not talking, very peaceful and relaxing, with the sounds of night as company. Very nice, at least for me since I was the harried adult in the situation. Until we came to the gate. The open gate. The one by the golf course. The No-No Don’t You Do It gate.

“Turn around” I said. Guess how far that went, as we shot through the open gate at a racing speed of two miles per hour. Stopped. It was dark, very dark. Our eyes had to adjust, it was so dark. All the light was near the bungalows, which were farther away, closer to the river. The golf course, however, was in a hidey-hole, no light pollution and the moonlight could not shine through because the whispering pines were in the way.

“Turn around” I said. “Okay” and we shot off right into the green grass, in the pitch black, heading to the hills. Literally. Up and down and over and around we went, laughing as hard as we could. Actually, trying desperately hard not to just in case there was a watchman around that could hear us. Cowboy was having the time of his life but, then again, he always was along for whatever anybody was up to. Who in the world would be having a guilty conscience while having fun with the kiddo and Cowboy, two of us laughing our heads off and the other one barking? I should, but I didn’t. Not then anyway.

“Turn around” I said. We did. Our luck was going to run out. We could have stayed to play a lot longer but fun had to stop for the bandit-I-didn’t-want-to-be. We laughed all the way home; Cowboy barked. That was so much fun; can we do it again?

Mum was the word, for both of us. And we’re both very good at keeping mum stuff mum. I did hear, through the grapevine, that someone had taken a golfcart to the golf course and played around on it. Didn’t mess anything up but left only the evidence of their tracks. It could have been from the paternal parent himself mentioning that but I claimed no knowledge of said event. Ever.

Today, the gate remains closed and the golfcart bandits still remain on the dark side.

So, the most obvious answer is YES! And it’s great!

The Daily Prompt – Sneaky


“My, aren’t you a prolific publisher,” says WordPress. You know, those buttons in the Trophy Case on the Reader home screen. Write about your achievements, it says.

As I’ve stated before, I had no goal towards having anyone read my words. I only wanted to write. I’m not a writer; I can’t even claim the title of wannabe writer. Well written is a goal to work towards but for now, it’s only to write the stories down with the best knowledge I have as I increase my learning by letting fellow bloggers help by allowing me to read their words.

The achievements weren’t necessary, or so I thought. I did a Daily Prompt post today as my very first challenge. It was short and I didn’t think it was very good. I did it anyway because I needed to learn more about writing, using someone else’s idea and as a chance to learn more of WordPress’ features.

There were 171 views last night. I published the Daily Post blog this morning. At the end of the day, right now, I have 19 followers, 200 hits and 7 pingbacks. I don’t know the real purpose of the achievement buttons are for but for me, I believe it’s WordPress’ way of giving a blogger a little boost of esteem. Not pride, just a pat on the back for doing something well, or maybe just doing something.

The numbers really don’t matter but the personal feeling of achievement and accomplishment that comes from getting these little achievement buttons make me want to push myself just a little bit farther, make it a little bit better. So, regardless of the numbers, the buttons are a nice touch.

The thing that truly amazes me, even more than the buttons for esteem is on the Site Stats page – the map that shows which countries people are reading your blog from. Basically, around the world. That is an achievement to me. And I return the favor – I can read anything from anybody from anywhere.

The greatest achievement of all, however, is looking forward to reading and writing every single day.

Beauty I’d Always Missed With These Eyes Before

The Daily Prompt asks us to take the third line of the last song we heard, use it at the title of our post, and write for 15 minutes. Show them speed! How appropriate those words are when taken out of context from “Nights in White Satin” by the Moody Blues. Let me be truthful right from the start – I didn’t actually ‘hear’ the song through my ears, I woke up this morning with it running around in my mind. So, same thing.

Speed entails quickness, being fast on the lfy, zooming from here to there using whatever mode of transportation to accomplish any given task. We fly through each moment in life just to get to the next one, and do it all over again.

But the words of the song tell a different story. What is missed…because of speed. Zooming through life to carry on when we should slow down and see what’s been missed along the way. Taking time to reflect. Who’s to say the world wouldn’t be a better place if we slowed down as a whole instead of speeding up?

Life becomes a blur when you travel too fast; things tend to become unfocused and unimportant has become priority. By slowing down, we might see all the things our eyes had missed before, the things we didn’t notice, or else pushed to the side.

In our fast-paced world, speed is important but think of the beauty we’d missed along the way.

Daily Prompt – I Can’t Drive 55