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Camping Etiquette

A while back I posted a question on an RV site about what was considered proper camping etiquette when dealing with fellow campers while staying in a campground. What was originally going to start out as the “Five Pet Peeves of Camping” has me wondering if some of these campers actually enjoy the camping experience.

Maybe boondocking would be more their style, but then again I wonder if they would be able to be someplace where there’s nobody to complain to.

Campgrounds usually have general rules and occasionally, more specific ones. None, however, are designed to keep a camper from having fun and enjoying the outdoor experience, enjoying family and making new friends.

Without further ado, I give to you a brief rundown of other people’s comments and they are in no particular order. Please note that I totally agree with #1 and it should be enforced; however, you would think an adult would be responsible enough to follow the rule. Children are special.

1. Speeding through the campground – a definite no-no.

2. Loud music – what about your outdoor television

3. Yappy dogs – a direct quote

4. Walking through the site of another camper

5. Cigarette butts in the firepit – throw in some wood and light

6. Not knowing how to dump

7. Loud children – really

8. Late parties

9. Not leashing your pets

10. Packing up and starting your engines before daylight

11. Not scooping your pets poop

12. Perfume and dryer sheets – and fresh air

Most campers I’ve met have a smile on their faces and time to chat. After all, we’re all (?) in it for enjoyment. Some, however, couldn’t crack a smile or say anything even if you were a comedian.

Simple fix. Follow the rules. The rest? If it bothers you that much, say something ‘politely’ or grin and bear it. Lighten the attitude. Most are not out to ruin whatever fun you might have; some just want to have a good time.